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AlkemiIf you think about that aluminum counter tops resemble strong metallic surfaces like industrial stainless-steel counters, you are in for a shock. Aluminum counter tops are closer to quartz or stable floor than to stainless-steel. They are manufactured from waste aluminum flake, strong floor scrap, and recycled acrylic. The aluminum flakes are added in for look, not to create a homogeneous floor. In the proper kitchen design, these may be very lovely countertops. Glow Decor / Getty ImagesStainless steel countertops usually are not only for eating places anymore and have entered the home.

granite countertops

Cost To Put In Granite Counter Tops

The ensuing effect gives granite a matte or satin look, but it still feels smooth. This muted end is delicate and doesn’t permit the colour of the granite to come back through the same way a refined slab would until you add a color enhancer. Because the process leaves the granite extra porous than a polished floor, it is suggested that you reseal the surface each few months. Leathered Granite – This end is created by pushing brushes with diamond tips throughout the granite floor. It leads to a pebble-like textured look which resembles the surface of leather-based.

The variety of colors and patterns that you could see in granite slab countertops come from the presence of the minerals biotite, muscovite, and pyroxene. Zinc counter tops may be discovered frequently in Ernest Hemingway novels set in Paris bars, but the excessive value makes them impractical for most residential kitchens. Although an fascinating new materials, recycled aluminum counter tops are somewhat unproven for now.

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Hundreds of colors and patterns can be found, making this a really versatile material for kitchen design. Like most pure stone, marble is a quite costly material for big expanses. Like all pure stone, granite tiles have to be periodically sealed to guard them in opposition to stains. Granite tiles supply some extent of prestige, although not the identical as stable stone slabs.

Leathered granite shall be much less porous than regular granite and hides smears, fingerprints, water spots, and food crumbs. Leathered stone countertops will need to be sealed to help stop the stone pores from absorbing stains. Leathering dark-coloured granite will showcase the feel finest and reveal a high-end finish. Generally, individuals will select from considered one of three customized finishes on their counter tops–from a extra muted finish to a excessive shine. To further scale back the fee , you’ll be able to have them glued down running flush instead of with the more conventional grout between tiles. Grout shall be an extra expense for a tiled granite countertop, and it’ll cost somewhat extra if you’d like a colour added to the grout to blend in with the color of the granite tiles.


They are usually customized-fabricated to specific specs and installed by customized craftsmen. Unless you live in a major metro space, it’s difficult to seek out fabricators who will deal with glass counters. This is probably not a fantastic alternative unless you are determined to have distinctive countertops and might find an installer excited about working with them. This is an Inexpensive approach to get recycled glass on your kitchen counter tops. These are very stunning counter tops due to the inclusion of quartz crystals and other pure minerals.

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