5 Tips for Making a Mezzanine in a Tiny House

The mezzanine element is becoming a trend in home design. This design is generally built between two floors with an open space, and is commonly used in industrial buildings. Currently, several mini-sized houses are being built by a number of property developers. Some of these types generally have high ceilings, making them suitable for developments that function as a bed to a mini workspace. If you want to have a functional space in the form of an upper floor that is open but not too high, here are some tips for building a mezzanine for a small house.

Get to know the right size

Generally, you should have at least 2 meters of space under the platform. Then, added the thickness of the floor and space to the top. If a space does not meet these standards then additional development is not a practical solution. Don’t forget to also check development permits for several properties, bearing in mind that additional construction of finished buildings must be in accordance with the developer’s or building owner’s permission.

Planning space

Usually, this room has a space that is not as high as the room in general. For the space at the bottom, some room recommendations that can be used are a storage room, bathroom, or study room. Another alternative for space utilization in this section is a small kitchen that does not require a high space. Ideally, to take part of a large space so that the use of furniture according to the needs and function of the room must also be considered.

Consider the design of the structure

The structure of the building in making space must be considered from various perspectives. This is because it is supported from three sides as a security consideration or using supports from one wall if it is not too deep. This structure includes the size of the supports, stairs, to the addition of space on the roof and additional windows on the roof. The goal can be for a more unique perspective on the outdoors as well as creating a safe and bright design.

Choose furniture according to your needs and space

With a tendency like this which has a smaller space than the room in general, the selection of furniture is an important factor in designing the interior. Some of the considerations are the weight and amount of furniture because this will affect the impression of comfort in the room and when moving goods. Not only that, the aesthetic harmonization of the room must also be considered. The goal is to maintain a consistent impression on the design and concept of space.

Use a ladder that is easy to use and safe

The design and location of the stairs is an element that must be considered in the construction of a mezzanine. Ideally, the stairs used should be secure with handrails and steps that are wide enough for footrests. This ladder can be built by sticking to the wall or made like a regular ladder in the middle.

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