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7 Child’s Bedroom Designs that are Cheerful and Attractive

Designing a child’s room is indeed a little different from an old person’s room. The choice of colors, furniture, and decorative elements must also be considered – so that the baby feels comfortable and dares to sleep alone. Not only being a place to rest, children’s rooms are also often used for other activities such as studying and playing.

Therefore, a safe and secure atmosphere is a criterion that must be owned by this one room. Don’t worry when building a room for your little one, here are some children’s bedroom designs that can be used as inspiration.

Children’s Bedroom Design with Bunk Bed

Limited space is not a problem, especially if you use bunk beds as a child’s bed. Bunk beds can be used for 2 children in one room. Even if sleeping in the same room, your son or daughter always has their own person because of the separate beds. You can choose loft bed design.

Kids can also decorate their own sleeping area according to their wishes. To accentuate a playful impression, use bright pastel motifs like the inspiration above. This kind of color can create a fresh and more attractive atmosphere for children.

White Dominant Children’s Bedroom Design

Not always using flashy colors, neutral colors like white are also suitable for children’s rooms. Like the design inspiration for the children’s room above, the use of white can give a cheerful impression because of the pattern variation. The triangular pattern in the booth, for example, produces an exciting contrast even though the colors used tend to be monochrome.

The presence of colorful children’s toys can also be a sweet decoration, which is easy to apply. In addition, white paint color can be applied to all rooms, including bedroom makeup for girls and boys. How, interested in this one design?

Toddler Bedroom Design

Not only for children, nowadays toddlers and babies even have their own room. If you are confused about finding inspiration for a toddler room that is minimalist but always cheerful, then this one design can be an option. Here, a touch of bright colors such as red, orange, to yellow also appear to produce a sweet collaboration. There is no need for a pink or blue statement to define the gender of the room owner, this can be used by both boys and girls.

Room Design Titled Adventure

The dominance of green with makeup to match the large-sized plants, sure to make the room feel so unique and playful. Not only plants, you can also make mini castles for girls or miniature rockets for boys. Create a variety of children’s favorite things, then pour it into their room decorations. Because, having this kind of decoration can help train a child’s imagination. Not only that, this unique touch of makeup is sure to make your child feel more at home.

Bedroom and Study Room

Of course you can arrange a study room as well as a bedroom without having to take up a lot of space, one of which is the inspiration above. The design of this child’s room uses a bunk bed as a place to store novels and a study table. Of course you can choose loft bed for having big space. Not only does it have an attractive appearance, of course this design can save space.

Split Level Children’s Bedroom Design

The concept of a simple split level can be applied to a child’s bedroom, similar to the inspiration above. Not only that, you can also modify the floor as a storage area. This kind of room is suitable for boys or girls who have reached school age. So that the appearance of the room looks more cheerful, use a variety of striking colors such as orange or blue. This design would be perfect if you use loft bed. You can also use pastel colors to create a softer look.

Children’s Bedroom Design with Sitting Zone

The arrival of a sitting zone can be a sweet touch to a child’s bedroom design. On the other hand, a touch of red with ivory white is sure to make the room look warm and warm. There are 4 beds in one room which is not that big. This one child’s bedroom design inspiration is very suitable for large family members. How, interesting right? Those are some bedroom designs that are suitable for your baby.

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