Backyard Landscaping Design that Makes the Home Beautiful

Having a backyard at home is of course not only used as a place for trees or gardens. It needs good arrangement so that the backyard can be maximized properly even though it is small or large. As for places to relax and also gather can be applied on this page. Of course, with a good design, the backyard can also be a refreshing place for the family at home. Here are some backyard arrangement designs that make the house more comfortable and cool to use.

1. Relaxing Bathing Area

The backyard which is directly adjacent to the neighboring area can be used as a semi-private area by placing a wooden dividing wall as shown in the picture. In this design, there are various land contours that are raised or lowered from the height of the ground floor of the house. This arrangement of rocks on the subgrade gives a neat and clean appearance to the yard. Around the wooden dividing wall, planted with various types of plants. The wooden floor area which functions as a bathing and sunbathing area gives a warm and exotic impression.

2. Curved Design

Giving a curved concept to the landscaping of the home page certainly cannot be half-hearted. This one page design gives off a familiar atmosphere with its curved shape. Both from the arrangement of the floor, the shape of the pool, the sofa, to the hedges, the hedges show flexible and flexible curved lines. Of course, this design provides its own comfort for the people who are in it.

3. Outdoor Dining and Gathering Area

The ground or soil area in an outdoor room does not have to be covered with gravel or soil, grass. By pairing these stone material tiles, the outdoor area looks classy and also brighter and cleaner. The raised backyard provides a unique interaction with the water element shown in the image. The entire wooden wall fence is decorated with vertical plants giving a refreshing natural feel.

4. All Natural Design

From the earthen material to the furniture, it gives a very natural impression. Not only one, but also a variety of natural nuances presented in the backyard. From the wooden deck, gravel land, stone tiles, to benches and tables made of stone adorn the yard. These neutral colors are brought to life with green plants and trees around the walls.

5. Combination of Geometry Shapes on the Page

The shape of the page doesn’t always have to have a rigid grid like squares or straight lines. Combining two things this impression can also be applied to the design. The grass with a circular pattern is combined with the rigid diagonal lines of the stone tiles. Uniquely in this design, the page feels divided into two and gives a natural and elegant impression in one area.

6. Unique Scenic Path Arrangement

Its uniqueness lies not only in the arrangement of furniture or plants, but also the land can be a concern. Landscaping with good arrangement will feel beautiful when viewed from the top floor of the house. Various walkways or paths have various tile lines so that walking on this page will feel more enjoyable.

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