Beautiful Minimalist Home Floor Suggestions!

A minimalist house certainly needs a floor that is in harmony with the design concept, contemporary, and keeps the whole house safe. Minimalist house floor can not be the origin of the selection. Look for one that is easy to sell, durable, and provides added value to the appearance of your home.

Parquet Minimalist Home Floor

Until now, parquet floors are still the number one favorite. The beautiful personality that appears from each wooden surface adds value to the room. Not only that, much preferred wood elements because they are suitable for all design concepts. Starting from minimalist, classic, to very contemporary too.

The selection of wood motifs for the floor of a minimalist home not only creates a warm impression but also feels safe on your feet.

Doff Ceramic Minimalist House Floor

Minimalist house floor with doff tiles. If in the past the use of ceramics with a shiny finish was in great demand, now the arrival of ceramics with a matte surface has dominated. For minimalist home floors in tropical climates, ceramic materials are still popular because they give a cool feeling when you step on them.

However, the matte surface that is available today is preferred because it gives an earthy impression, and looks more natural. With the rise of industrial design concepts today, matte ceramics are very suitable to be matched with metal elements and typical cement rooms. Don’t forget to buy doff ceramics at riverhead building supply because the prices are cheaper than other stores.

Homogeneous Ceramic Minimalist House Floor

Minimalist house floors that use homogeneous ceramics, can be said to be similar to granite. If the usual type of tile floor has 2 layers, namely glaze and clay, then this trend of homogeneous ceramics only consists of the same layer, from the base to the top.

This type of homogeneous ceramic is designed to emulate or imitate natural granite, so it is widely preferred. Various choices of motifs can be selected, for a minimalist home concept, choose neutral patterned ceramics so that they are easy to mix and match with furniture that fills it.

Flooring of a minimalist ceramic house with wood motifs

Minimalist house floor, ceramic wood motif which is cool when stepped on. In the ceramics family, wood motifs are always the most popular from year to year. As well as continuing to come here, these wooden motif ceramics are even almost like the original wood. The abnormality is felt when we touch the skin of the feet directly, because the cool feeling is practically felt.

Another alibi that makes many people choose wood motif ceramics, because when compared to wood, ceramics are easier to clean, and have great durability. Water resistant, and not easily scratched. If you want to find a wood motif tiled floor, Riverhead Building Supply provides a variety of sizes and options for you.

Cement Minimalist House Floor

Minimalist house floor with smooth polished cement. For industrial home concepts, minimalist house floors with cement coating like this are common. In order to be safe when stepped on without wearing footwear, the cement floor is polished until it is smooth and given a coating or coating.

Currently, the finished cement mortar that has been coated seems to be adjusted. For a house with a minimalist concept, choose a white coating for the final result. Or for a Mediterranean-concept home, you can choose a warmer beige or peach coating color. If you want a minimalist home floor that is more unique, add decorative motifs or illustrations to the new floor and then coat it with liquid coating.

Natural Stone Minimalist House Floor

Natural minimalist house floor with natural stone. Nothing can match the luxury that appears through the rocks, as if there is a psychic familiarity with nature. Yes, the floor of a minimalist house that uses natural stones is increasingly in demand.

Bohemian, rustic, and classic design concepts often choose to use natural stone as the floor. In a minimalist concept house, it is legal to use this type of floor, because it can be the main focus that attracts attention in the room.

PVC Vinyl Minimalist House Flooring

Minimalist house flooring with PVC vinyl, more effective and self-installable. If you want to have a non-permanent effect of wood on the floor, then PVC vinyl is the solution. The cost also varies greatly, depending on the type selected. There are those that are self-adhesive, non-adhesive, the thickness also varies from thin to 3 centimeters thick.

The installation method is also quite easy, for PVC vinyl that is already adhesive, you only need a cutter to cut it to size, a rubber mallet to flatten it, and patience. At riverhead building supply, there is PVC vinyl and wholesale prices are available.

Minimalist Floor Tiles Motif

The concept of a minimalist home does tend to be monochrome or choose comfortable neutral motifs. But there is nothing wrong if the floor of a minimalist house is decorated in certain parts with a patterned tile. You can buy this patterned tile floor at riverhead building supply.

Create a very suitable area, usually on the floor of the dining table area, the playroom floor, the side terrace floor, the bathroom or the rooftop area. Even though it’s only a small area, the colors and harmony seem fresh and bring joy.

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