5 Tips to Make the Bathroom Floor Not Easily Slippery

Even if you clean it often, the bathroom floor can remain slippery. Don’t worry, has tips to make it less slippery. A rough bathroom ideas floor is very important. Because, many slip if the floor is slippery. In addition, it will be dangerous for children who are just learning to walk. For that, let’s find out what are the tips for making the bathroom floor always rough.

Clean the rest of the soap after every shower

One easy and simple way to do this is to wash the floor regularly after showering. This is useful for removing soap residue that is splashed and not washed off with water when bathing.

Soap left just like that can make the floor slippery and of course that is very dangerous. Not only for children but also for adults, it could have slipped.

Avoid waterlogged areas

The bathroom ideas floor is usually made in the form of a slope towards the water hole. Thus, the water flows faster and the floor dries quickly. If it turns out that there is an area that has been inundated for a long time, then this could trigger a slippery floor. Try to clean the stagnant area so the floor doesn’t get slippery quickly. You can clean it with a rubber broom so that the floor dries quickly.

Adding a rubber mat

For maximum security, you can add a rubber rug in the bathroom. Especially in the bathing area or near the shower. That way, you can still … Read More

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