Smart Tips Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Home

Carpets that are currently getting more and more attention are elements of a house that can be considered multifunctional. You can use it to protect your feet from the cold floor or as a mat when relaxing. Carpets can also be used as accents to beautify the room. The following are some things to pay attention to regarding carpet before you buy it for your home.

Carpet Material

Authentic carpet materials are made from natural materials, usually from wool and were first made by Central Asian nomads around 6 millennia ago. Carpets of this type are also often used as collection materials. Not only that, there are also cotton rugs. For those who have allergies to wool, there are also carpets made of sisal fiber. A sparkling impression can also be obtained by combining materials with silk.

Modern carpet materials are generally made of synthetic fibers based on polyester, nylon and olefin. Synthetic materials are known to be more durable than natural materials. Moreover, the cost is much more affordable. Apart from its texture and softness, synthetic materials can also compete, materials made from olefin fibers (polypropylene), for example, can be made as soft as wool.

Carpet quality

When choosing a rug, make sure you prioritize quality. Carpet with good quality will provide long-term comfort. Quality carpet certainly does not look damaged or faded quickly. For rugs that are durable and easy to clean, you can choose wool, sisal, jute, or polypropylene rugs. Carpets from the last 3 materials are … Read More

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