The Right Reason You Need to Have a Dishwasher at Home

The pandemic isn’t over yet, let alone active problems have been increasing lately. Various activities began to be re-centered at home, including eating, drinking, and snacking. That is, there continues to be lots of glass plates, pans, and dirty pots that start piling up again in the kitchen.

Doing office work and household chores, such as washing dishes, can be very time-consuming. To save time and be more instant, then a dishwasher can be considered as a solution. It’s not only unpleasant to stare at, it’s also normal for a pile of dirty dishes to add to the burden on our minds.

The use of this machine can help reduce our household chores, so time can be used for other activities. Not only that, with this machine, kitchen cleanliness no longer needs to be worried about. Bosch itself has released its first dishwasher product in 1964. Based on almost 6 decades of experience, Bosch provides 6 alibis why every kitchen needs this machine.

1. Save Water Up To Nearly 2 Gallons

Consumers should know, in fact washing dishes by hand requires around 40 liters of water. Meanwhile, using this machine can save up to 33.5 liters of water per rinse cycle. Compared to washing dishes by hand under running water, we can save almost 2 gallons of mineral water, or the equivalent of 38 liters.

2. Not Wasteful of Electricity

There is an assumption that using a dishwasher will waste electricity. Meanwhile, this machine is usually designed to be more … Read More

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