Best Ways to Make Homes More Environmentally Friendly

Eco-house or eco-friendly house is one way to contribute to protecting the environment. Designing an eco friendly home designers near me has become a general requirement when planning to build a house. Eco-house means designing a house from all aspects both inside and out which in operation, construction, and maintenance of the house will not have a negative impact on the environment. Several things related to eco-houses are buildings that are sustainable in terms of resilience, economy, needs, and comfort in the house.

With the current environmental conditions, professional architects also apply eco-house designs because it is their responsibility, where they must build houses that do not damage the environment. The use of materials that are good for the environment will save expenses. Eco-house also makes the house more comfortable with a design that still takes into account its aesthetics. Here’s how to design an environmentally friendly house (eco-house).

1. Site Location and Condition

When you are going to buy land to build a house maybe you need search eco friendly home designers near me, you need to look at the circumstances surrounding the location that has been chosen. Pay attention to the shape of the land so that you can imagine the orientation of the building later. Also consider access to the house such as public transportation and the distance of the house to other public areas such as markets or bus stops.

2. Building orientation

After choosing a location, the house must have a building orientation that avoids … Read More

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