6 Uses of Dried Leaves You Didn’t Know About!

Indonesia is a country with abundant natural wealth, including its plants. Such a large number of plants is caused by the fertile soil of Indonesia, as well as the climate which is indeed very good for plants to grow and reproduce.

Just look around your house, there must be shady trees everywhere. In front of your house, or maybe even along the road in your house complex, there must be many trees of various types.

Of course, these conditions will make the atmosphere of the environment more shady and cool, so that in the end it can make the atmosphere of the environment comfortable. So, however, this can become a problem when entering the seasons when a lot of wind blows.

These winds of course will result in a lot of fallen leaf litter in your environment. If this garbage is not swept away, it will dry out and then be blown back by the wind. The result? Of course your home and garden environment is getting dirtier.

To overcome this problem, people usually collect the dry leaf trash and then burn it and just turn it into ashes. Now this method is probably the most effective way, even though it will cause quite disturbing air pollution.

But don’t worry, we have some tips that you can practice using these dry leaves at home and in your home and garden environment.

Fire Starter

All right, this first tip might not be of much use. First, in Indonesia, we think it … Read More

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