Mistakes when Choosing Home Decorations

Color plays a fairly important role in home décor because it can give a certain impression or atmosphere to your home. Therefore, the use of color in home decoration certainly should not be arbitrary. To make your home interior more attractive with the presence of a variety of colors, it’s better to avoid some of the mistakes that people often make when using colors in home décor. Here are some mistakes when choosing home décor:

Not considering the lighting in the house

Lighting can change the color of the paint used on the walls. For example, the color of the walls in a house can appear lighter, darker, or have a yellowish or grayish impression when exposed to different lighting sources. We recommend that you pay attention to the lighting in your home. If possible, get a sample of the paint to use at home so you can see the color change throughout the day.

Mixing too many colors

Although a colorful home interior looks cheerful and fun, you need to be careful not to mix too many colors at once. So that the color combination used looks harmonious, always pay attention to the use of color in your home. For example, use one or two main colors, then use small amounts of other colors and spread them throughout the room. Don’t forget to add a neutral color as a balance.

Too limited use of color

In order to create an aesthetic and simple home appearance, people often limit the … Read More

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