Think Again If You Want to Cut Down Trees Around Residential Areas, Here’s the Explanation!

Today there is something concerning: the tendency of many people to cut down trees around their home depot garden center

Was the tree really that urgent to cut down? It’s not fair to just blame the loggers.

We must also know the motivation for cutting down trees. ohon around the house not just to be there.

Green plants, especially trees, seem to have been provided by God for the benefit of human life, living and survival.

Moving on from this philosophy, shade trees have become so important for Indonesia’s tropical cities.

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It takes years to reach a height of 4 meters, while cutting it only takes a few hours.

Common reasons behind cutting a tree include blocking the sun’s rays, the tree is old or eaten by termites, or the tree is interfering with something, such as a cable or electric pole.

Tree shadows from low-angle sunlight can enrich the atmosphere of the interior of the room.


Tree shadows from low-angle sunlight can enrich the atmosphere of a room’s interior.

Another reason, because it creates annoying garbage or leaf litter causes the gutters on the roof to clog.

All of these reasons make sense and are legitimate. But maybe it would be better if we could also … Read More

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