Methods of Choosing Grass Ornamental Plants for Home Garden

In addition to being able to make your house beautiful and green, having a home garden is also a way to channel your hobby of collecting ornamental plants. If equipped with grass, the atmosphere of your home garden will always be beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Ornamental grass is effective for increasing the beautiful atmosphere, you know. Technically, grass’s role is to cover empty areas on the lawn. Choosing grass as the main option is clearly more profitable because it looks more attractive, especially ornamental grasses.

Unfortunately, choosing grass for the home page can’t be done arbitrarily, you know. Selection errors will make the page design look less attractive and less attractive.

1. Consider Lawn Design

In the area you choose to grow ornamental grasses, consider the following criteria to help determine which variety to plant.

As a specimen plant

Most ornamental grasses will be a striking specimen plant or focal point. Those of you who want this kind of need should choose the type of grass that has leaves or a shape that will fill the home garden. Choose the type of grass with various leaf colors or greenish and blue colors.


If you want plants that can withstand longer cold seasons, choose grass types with stiffer leaves, such as switch grass (Panicum) and Indian grass (Sorghastrum nutans). This type lasts longer in cold weather than soft-leaved grasses, such as Miscanthus.

Thinking of the Soaring Grass

If you like ornamental grasses that hang large and stand straight … Read More

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