how to decorate a living room

Easy Ways to Organize a Narrow and Elongated Living Room

The living room with a narrow and elongated size is not an obstacle to presenting a living room that is comfortable and attractive to the eye. You can also find how to decorate a living room with interesting decorations. That way, space limitations don’t become an obstacle to making guests or anyone who visits feel at home and admire your narrow, elongated living room design. Here are some ways to organize a narrow and elongated living room:

Arrangement of furniture close to the wall

The narrow, elongated living room must be filled with the right furniture, so that the room doesn’t feel smaller and stuffier. You can choose a long cream-colored sofa and a pair of wooden chairs and an ethnic wooden table. These various pieces of furniture can be positioned close to the walls, so that the space in the middle area looks loose. You can modify the floor by installing ceramic or vintage patterned floor stickers that look harmonious with the selected furniture model.

A bright look for a narrow living room

The narrow living room extends, don’t limit your creativity in decorating the room. You can cover the walls with beige wallpaper with pastel tendrils. Also choose an orange leather sofa design that brightens up the visualization of the living room. Because this room is quite long, the arrangement of the sofa can be aligned according to the dimensions of the room. The coffee table design should also be chosen as slim and stylish as above, so … Read More