How to Apply a Small Kitchen Design Ideas that Stays Comfortable

Like other narrow rooms at home, organizing and designing a small kitchen requires carefulness to create a kitchen atmosphere that is still comfortable and functional. However, organizing and designing a small kitchen does not mean it has to be plain and plain. There are several easy ways to outsmart the narrow space in your small kitchen without having to look boring and monotonous. Here are some small kitchen design ideas that are designed nicely so that they still look comfortable.

Bar table as dining area

Combining the dining room and kitchen is a common way to outsmart a limited and small home area. The merging of these two rooms is also considered practical because you can immediately eat food without having to move places. If you have a kitchen design ideas, this can also be a way to combine the kitchen and dining room, from adding a long bar table to placing a small dining table in the kitchen. The small kitchen example above uses a bar table that functions as a dining area. This bar table is also multi functional because it can be used as a kitchen table when you are not eating. So, apart from saving space, the presence of a table is still functional. Choose a bar table design and material that is minimalist and in line with the appearance of the kitchen.

Sweet vintage feel

Limited area is not an obstacle for you to be creative with home interiors, especially the kitchen. Try to add … Read More

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