suburban lawn and garden

Inspiration to Organize a Simple Home Garden

The garden of the house occupies a very important position in terms of occupancy. Not only as an initial impression of people who come to visit, the yard is also a place to be able to spend time relaxing and gathering with family. As a place where many activities occur, you need to organize the garden of this simple house to be a beautiful and safe place. Do you have any inspiration for your garden design? If not, you can check the inspiration below.

Guide to Making a Simple Home Garden. It has an aesthetic minimalist page, especially after many design ideas to decorate the home page. So, here we have prepared some simple page design inspirations that can you select.

1. Shades of Green and Beautiful

If you like a green and fresh look, you can consider using grass. Then, add beautiful ornamental plants, such as bougenville, pandanus fan, and lantana. Selection of ornamental plants that are simple and can produce a safer impression.

2. A place to relax

Your next trick is to add simple courtyard tables and sofas. So, you can sit and relax in the yard while enjoying the fresh air. In the following, we have a yard sofa suggestion that can be an option at home. Beautiful courtyard tables and sofas with a minimalist design are perfect for fulfilling the beauty of your home only in a suburban lawn and garden.

3. Use Vertical Pages

If you only have a few yard zones, you can … Read More