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Classic House vs. Modern House

Classic houses and modern houses each have their own uniqueness and beauty. From the selection of colors to the accumulation of the smallest knick-knacks, all the details in these two design styles can give a space a completely different atmosphere.

Before deciding which style you want for your home, first find out the comparison between the two. Come on, follow the following post!

Classic House vs Modern House

1. Maximalism vs. Minimalism

The classic interior design style is synonymous with the appearance of many ornaments and carvings. Has a distinctive characteristic that can be called ‘bustling’ or full of decorative elements. On the other hand, modern houses tend to be minimalist. In the modern design style, the lines and forms of the totality of the house are designed as simple as possible.

2. Decorative vs. Functional

Not only small details such as carvings, classic houses also have many decorative objects. Starting from the large urn at the end of the room, statues, or even musical equipment that only appears as a display. It is different for modern homes that prioritize functionality. In a modern house, almost everything will appear for a certain purpose.

3. Environmental Colors vs. Monochromatic

Classic designs usually mix colors and patterns gracefully, such as neutral motifs with gold accents or a touch of floral print. Meanwhile, a house with a modern interior design even minimizes the crowded mix. Modern homes tend to use monochrome motifs without much alteration.

4. Elegant Materials vs. Practical Material

Classic house materials are usually strong and look expensive such as wood, natural stone, fabric, and leather. Although sometimes using the same material, modern style prioritizes practicality. For example, furniture made from processed materials covered with veneer to make it lighter but looks like real wood. There is also a material that has never been used in classic homes but is often found in modern homes, namely plastic.

5. Timeless vs. Trend

How about you when you look at the Borobudur temple? Isn’t it beautiful? Now the classic style is a design style that focuses on maintaining the beauty of the old style even though time goes on. The essence of the classic design is a timeless look or a beauty that never fades. On the contrary, modern style continues to explore the rapid growth of the era, using all the latest trends and findings.

Such is the comparison between classic and modern houses. After knowing all these comparisons, which one do you prefer, classic or modern style?

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