Decorate Your Home With Beautiful Painting

The walls of your house are too plain, so you want to add beautiful home decor?Not only placing unique wall clocks, paintings also become one of the beautiful decor that can fill the void in the walls of a room. If you only want to display one large painting, setting it up isn’t that complicated. However, if there are several favorite paintings, what should I do?

Displaying all your favorite paintings should not be done carelessly. You have to pay attention to the shape, color, content of the painting and the category of the painting itself. You don’t want it, a beautiful painting doesn’t turn out optimally just because of the wrong arrangement? Come on, see the following tips so you don’t arrange the wrong painting!

Choose paintings that are in harmony with each other and the room. Sometimes, the paintings we like the most are not the best paintings to hang. It’s good, you choose a painting that is most closely related to your personality, or a painting that seems professional.

Don’t make your room look cramped because of too many paintings and decorations. Because, one of the important elements of a room is the feel it gives.

For example, a large minimalist window can be used as a skylight to maximize incoming lighting. Combine this maximum lighting with quality wooden floors for a beautiful and cool room. As a finishing touch, add your favorite paintings on the walls of the room. The feel of the room at home will feel more homey and comfortable.

Classification of Physical Paintings

If you have installed beautiful wallpaper, nice carpet, or simple minimalist furniture, don’t be too hasty to distract guests who come with your impressive collection of paintings! You see, there are some places that would be nice if given a little wall decoration, not even at all.

Because home decor, especially living room decorations can reflect your personality, you must pay attention to the selection of wall decorations or decorations and room themes. Do not let because you want to look trendy, your characteristics even disappear.

Horizontal Painting Arrangement

Grouping decorations based on the theme of the room will be useful when you want to choose furniture, you know, including grouping paintings. The trick, you can group paintings that have the same size or color scheme in a certain room. For example in the corner of a tiny living room or in the hallway of the house.

Create a balanced look by adjusting the distance between your frames or photo frames. You can make the right-left distance 5 inches or 12.7 cm.

Tips from Kania: Hang the middle painting first, then use a measuring tape to equalize the distance on both sides of the painting. Hang the painting at the correct height. For the living room or hallway of the house, you can hang a painting 154 cm to 167 cm high from the floor.

Painting Arrangement Vertically

The vertical arrangement of the paintings is especially effective on high narrow walls or between windows. In addition, the vertical arrangement also makes the walls of the house look taller than their actual size. As opposed to horizontal styling, it’s important to start with the bottom first.

If you are interested in making a display like this, you can make a column of paintings with paintings, or paintings with wall hangings that have the same color scheme. Install a wall lamp with an incandescent color that matches the color theme of the room.

Creative Painting Arrangement

Different from the two previous arrangement methods. You can also not group images in a row. If you have a small square wall space, a triangular arrangement looks great with 2 inches between each frame.

Creative arrangement of paintings will look good if they are arranged near large pieces of furniture, such as sofas, beds or dining tables. Adjust the arrangement according to the size of each photo frame, like playing a puzzle!

Figuring out the order in which you will hang each painting is also important, so you know what kind of painting will fit in each room. You can start with the large painting that is set first, follow with the two stacked frames on the left (or right, it doesn’t matter which side you start), and finish your creation with the smaller pictures in the corners.

You can create creative painting arrangements with different shapes of painting frames. Repeat this step while installing on the other side. You can ask someone for help while doing it.

It turns out that paintings or photo frames can make your room more beautiful, right? The important thing is, you can arrange it properly. Good luck!

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