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Easy Steps to Plant Your Own Grass in the Garden

Grass is an important element in the garden as a green space. Grass besides functioning as a drainage system when it rains, it also provides an attractive and fresh look to your garden. One indication of a good garden is the grass that is healthy, green and covers the garden area. Planting grass is usually done professionally by a lawn specialist, but you can also grow it yourself in your garden. Here are easy steps to plant your own grass in your garden:

Determine the right type of grass for garden conditions

The first thing to do is choose a lawn and garden centers near me that suits your garden conditions, and suits the climate in your area. We can’t choose grass that grows at the North Pole for planting in tropical locations, so identifying the types of grass is the first thing to do. As a suggestion, we can choose several types of grass which are very popular for gardens in gardens such as Japanese grass and pearl grass. Both types of grass can be found easily in garden stores and are relatively inexpensive. In addition, maintenance is also quite easy and strong.

Clean the garden surface of the stone

After choosing the type of grass, the next step is to prepare the land for the grass like the one at the lawn and garden centers near me. If you want a green, flat and fertile garden surface, then clean the stones, gravel and other objects in the garden area. Medium-sized stones or gravel embedded in the garden can interfere with grass growth and make the area uneven. Also, clean the roots and other plants so that the surface only grows the grass you want, making sure there is only bare soil left.

Form of soil level, drainage and slope

After the ground is clear of other objects that interfere with the grass, the next step is to make the ground level, how high is the level of the garden to be made, this level can be measured from the point on the floor of the building or the pedestrian area next to it. It’s important to make the slope of the land so that when it rains, the water doesn’t stagnate and cause the grass to sink. Things like this will create an unsightly view and may damage the grass itself. The minimum slope for rainwater to flow is 4%, meaning 4 cm for 1 meter of length. The area in the middle should be the highest area, while the area on the edge should be the lowest area. The ideal slope shape is a cone or pyramid.

Loosen the soil surface, add a layer of fertile soil

To make the soil more ready for planting grass, try not to make the surface dense and hard, loosen the soil so that it is easier for grass seeds to form roots. If the soil conditions are unfavorable, you can add a layer of fertile soil or a natural fertilizer spread over the surface to help the grass grow faster.

Moisten the soil surface before sowing grass seeds

Before planting, make sure the surface of the garden is moistened first to make it easier for the roots of the grass seeds to adapt to the new soil conditions. It is also important to prepare the moisture content so that the grass does not wilt when planted. To find the best grass seeds you can visit a lawn and garden centers near me.

Plant grass seeds evenly

Grass seeds can be planted, do it evenly. We may not be able to plant grass to cover the surface of the garden all at once, but we can make grid points with the same distance, for example 20 cm or 30 cm. Usually the grass will grow gradually until they are able to cover the entire surface of the garden perfectly.

Perform regular grass maintenance

After planting, make sure the grass is diligently watered every day and given additional fertilizer. Do watering in the morning and evening so that the grass grows quickly. If there are points of grass that are not growing well, replant immediately. After growing fertile and evenly distributed, the grass must also receive treatment. Grass that is too tall should be mowed every few months. Usually the grass becomes damaged because it is often stepped on or disturbed by other plants such as weeds. We can remove these weeds to keep the garden looking beautiful.

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