Guide to Organizing Minimalist and Aesthetic Bathroom

Setting up a minimalist bathroom has certain challenges. If you want to move your body to the right, it’s stuck in the room, so if you slide to the left. As a result, you are confused about what kind of make-up you need to do. So that you don’t get dizzy anymore, let’s read the following minimalist bathroom styling guide!

Designing a bathroom also has guidelines and how to do it. One of the problems is a minimalist bathroom. which is very possible to have if you live in cities or apartment dwellings. Armed with a small land area, you have to be creative to maximize the use of the room so that it looks more spacious. Let’s follow some of the following tips

1. Play with Aesthetic Concepts

The aesthetic or aesthetic value is very abstract. There is no right and wrong, which means having a beautiful charm to the eye. Since I’m discussing how to organize, try using a contemporary aesthetic concept.

Some objects that can support an aesthetic concept are monstera plant leaves, palm leaves, framed quotes, feather mats, neon lights, and so on.

2. Use Bright Color Paint

The choice of paint color also affects the appearance. Choose bright motifs to give the impression of a wider space. Not only that, choose a color that can reflect light well.

We recommend white, light blue, yellow, green, and other light colors. If the room is bright, your eyes will be fresh when you see it.

3. Create a Wall Wallpaper Design

For those of you who are lazy to color the room, using wallpaper can be an option. When it comes to furniture stores, there you will find many wallpaper designs in terms of motifs, patterns and colors. All that’s left is the selection that suits your tastes and needs, .

In order to strengthen the minimalist impression, we suggest simple motifs so that space seems relieved. Examples include plain motifs, stripes, chevrons, or hexagons.

4. Mount the Mirror

There are many ways to make a small room appear wider, one of the most effective methods is to install glass. Paste a large glass on one side of the surface of the room.

So that it’s not monotonous, you can add a glass frame with simple carvings. Or stick some unique stickers on the edge of the glass. Want but not too much well, so it doesn’t look cramped. After all, it is enough to be used as a cool spot for pictures.

5. Shelves in the Corner of the Room

Instead of toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, and shaving kits placed on the edge of the sink, it’s better to just put them on the shelf. Not bad put the shelf in the corner of the room. The result is it will looks neat and clean, just like the minimalist style, .

Not only in the corner of the room, you can use a shelf that is attached to the room. Very useful for optimizing a small room, because it does not need to take up space on the floor. To get this shelf, you can come directly to a furniture store or buy it at an online store. Just a little raft and it’s done!

8. Expand the Circle Form Furniture

Already have round shape furniture? Without realizing it, furniture in the form of roundabouts can give the impression of a dynamic room. This can be a consideration for designing.

If the shelves and clothes hangers have been dominated by a square shape, use a round shape for other furniture. For example, such as glass, shower, lampshades, and others.

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