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Guide to Organizing Small Rooms to Feel Spacious & Comfortable

Have limited room space? Don’t worry, there are some tips on how to organize a small room that you can apply at home. The trick is pretty easy, all you need is a little creativity. A small room is synonymous with a stuffy and hot room atmosphere. Meanwhile, if it is managed as well as possible, you can also have a room with a very safe atmosphere. Instead of constantly not feeling comfortable in your own room, come on, follow carefully the guide to arranging small rooms so that they look more spacious on this basis!

Don’t put too many items

The first guide to organizing a small room so that it looks spacious is not to place too many objects in the room. Choose furniture that is meaningful, so it doesn’t fill the room. Try to arrange things as needed, if necessary, you can add cupboards or multiple storage areas.

Sort all objects that are deemed useless, damaged, or even useless. This method may be a bit time consuming, but believe it or not you will experience a more spacious bedroom space.

Optimizing Storage in Room Cabinets

The wardrobe does not only act as a place to put clothes. More than that, you can put some small items in the cupboard. To make it look neat, use the bonus storage in it.

This storage can take the form of pockets, box organizers, and other multi-functional items that are widely sold in the market. If necessary, you can modify the room by adding a built-in wardrobe which is placed parallel to the cubicle. One example of the implementation of a good built-in wardrobe that is suitable for use in a small bedroom.

Stay away from Large Furniture

It’s okay for you to put a cupboard or study table in the bedroom. But as a guide to organizing small rooms, choose furniture that is small in size. You can practice certain styles in the bedroom, for example practicing a minimalist interior design. The distinctive characteristic of the minimalist style is “less is more” so that the furniture we use is usually more compact and simple. This method is fairly efficient for saving space limitations.

Take advantage of the empty space on the wall

Not all objects must be placed on the floor, you know. If possible, place some objects in the empty cubicle of the room. You can use shelves, clothes hangers and so on. But remember, don’t hang objects too much in the room, OK? Because, it actually makes the atmosphere of the room look small and cramped. Maybe the other choice is you can place a full length mirror to make the wall look more clean and wide.

Use bunk beds

Not only does it look cool, bunk beds are also effective as a way of organizing small rooms and saving space limitations. At the bottom, you can place a study table as a work space. For those of you who are interested in this type of bed, Freja House and The Savia Park housing apply it in their homes. Targeting millennials who want instant housing, this house for sale in Tangerang feels like a suitable place to live.

Add Hidden Storage to Furniture

One piece of furniture that you can add hidden storage to is a bed. Under the bed, add some drawers that act as a place to store objects. Not only does it make the room more organized, this creative method is very effective as a guide for organizing small rooms. The concept of hidden storage is indeed much loved by young people, because it can make the room more well-organized. This is useful for storing some of the home owner’s personal items.

Place a full length mirror

You may have often heard that mirror can create the illusion of expanding a room. In order not to take up space, you don’t need to place a lot of mirror in the cubicle of the room. Instead, just place a mirror facing the door or window of the room. This is quite effective for producing the illusion of the eye, which makes the room appear wider.

Apply a Neutral Tone Paint with a Warm Impression

The next guide to arranging a small room is to apply a neutral and sad motif to the room. Some of the suggested colors are white, light blue, and light gray. This motif not only makes the room more spacious, but also feels safe and warm.

Selection of the Right Carpet Color and Pattern

Want to keep the carpet in the room? It’s okay. However, choose the right color and pattern of the carpet. Neutral colors and the umpteenth small line motif seem quite telling to make the room look wider.

If you are a fan of ethnic motifs, then the carpet example in the photo above can be the right choice to make your bedroom more eye-catching. Ethnic carpet motifs are indeed widely used in homes that have modern tropical architectural themes or designs.

Avoid Hanging Clothes Behind Doors

One of the bad habits people often try is hanging clothes behind doors. This routine not only makes the room feel small, but also cramped and hotter. Better hurry up and put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket. If you want to hang it, place it in the cupboard and line it with clean clothes. If necessary, add camphor to the cupboard so it doesn’t smell. Or you can place a full length mirror is very usefull.

That’s the guide to arranging small rooms so that they look wider and safer. Hopefully the guide above can help you create a more secure bedroom atmosphere. Good luck!

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