Guide to Organizing the Living Room to Be More Aesthetic

Filling the living room with aesthetic decoration is a particular challenge. Moreover, if the living room is small, there are definitely many things that we need to consider. For that, this time we have a guide to organizing the living room. Don’t worry, in this guide, you can make the living room feel more spacious and charming without needing a lot of furniture. Not only that, the living room can also be more multifunctional.

1. Selection of room paint colors that are trending

To make your home more modern, of course you need room paint that matches the trend. So, the latest color trend this time uses more soothing colors, such as blue, sage green, or apricot. To make it fresher you can add plants like monstera, cactus, or aloe vera. So that you don’t go too far, you can combine it with neutral colors like white. Not only does it give a clean impression, white can also give a broad impression to a room.

2. Using a minimalist chair with velvet material

You can leave leather that seems old, you can shift to minimalist chairs made of soft cloth. In general, this minimalist chair made of soft material has a simple and modern impression. Besides that, velvet material is also quite easy to sell.

3. Put round glass or large glass

Many houses with modern designs are planned to put round glass or large glass attached to the room. Putting glass will give a broad view to your living room, you know. Not only that, the mirror selfie trend, namely selfies in front of the mirror, is again the latest trend being tried by many people. You can put plants like monstera next to the glass for an aesthetic impression.

4. Optimize the living room cubicle

In order for the room to look aesthetically pleasing, you can place decorations such as booth shelves. Then, use these shelves to place various items such as collections of action figures, novels, or even artificial flowers. You can choose a neutral wood booth shelf with all the concepts. To add an artistic impression, you can arrange your favorite pictures, both pictures and paintings.

5. Increasing green plants in the corners of the house

So that the living room looks more alive, you can add ornamental plants in the house. Not only does it give a fresh look, putting green plants can also create clean air into the house. As a suggestion, you can put artificial ornamental plants in the corner of the room to give the living room a green look, such as monstera, cactus, or mother-in-law’s tongue.

6. Use multifunctional furniture

Apart from saving the budget, using multifunctional furniture is one of the tips that can be used in a minimalist home. For example, placing a bookshelf as a room divider between the living room and family. This novel shelf can always share privately in the room next to it. Another piece of furniture that has various uses is the ottoman. Not only as a seat, this bench can also be a decoration of the house as well as a place for storage.

7. Use an aesthetic chandelier

A modern living room is not complete without a chandelier. Living room makeup can make the ceiling of the house more charming. However, make sure you choose the right wardrobe, with a shape and color that matches the theme of the room, so it doesn’t look too crowded.

8. Use a soft carpet

To make the living room floor beautiful, you can use a floor rug. Choose carpets made from soft and unique patterns to give a contemporary look. Those are some modern living room makeup tips that you can try at home. It’s not difficult because you only need to use furniture that is simple and easy for you to find.

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