Here’s an Easy Way to Choose Your Dream Kitchen Design!

Minimalist but elegant kitchen design guidelines are somewhat tricky, because you have to design according to your needs with a limited area of space. The kitchen is an important place for families to gather and enjoy a meal. Kitchen conditions that are not neat can reduce your appetite.

Because the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, the design of the kitchen must be examined carefully. Whether it’s in terms of concept, air circulation, availability of space, and so on. Well, currently a variety of contemporary minimalist kitchen designs and concepts have emerged. You can look for a kitchen designer near me to get the right design solution.

The development of fashion architecture that continues to be advanced has introduced various options which of course makes us a little overwhelmed when we want to design a kitchen. Come on, instead of you getting confused and confused thinking about how to choose a kitchen design for your home, let’s follow various tips to produce a kitchen design that is right and right for your home!

1. Thinking about using the room

Do you understand that actually the kitchen is divided into 2? There is a clean kitchen and a dirty kitchen. So, before deciding on the concept and other things, it’s a good idea to determine what kitchen you want to make first. This is because the two kitchens have different uses.

If in a dirty kitchen there are a lot of heavy cooking activities, then in a clean kitchen only light activities, such as heating and serving food. Not only that, a dirty kitchen also provides cooking equipment that is more complete than a clean kitchen. A clean kitchen is generally used as a gathering place to eat food with the family.

2. Ensure Concept

When choosing a theme, you must first find or research what theme is appropriate for your home. Determining a kitchen design concept is an important matter to discuss with your small family. Why? Generally, if the house design does not match what the family wants, it will result in expenses in the future because the design may not be safe. Well, there are several things that need to be agreed upon, such as:

There are various kitchen themes and inspirations scattered on the internet. Kitchen design inspiration doesn’t have to be exactly the same. You can take only some of the items that are suitable for your home. If you have got a theme, discuss it with a trusted architect or home renovation service provider so that you can make your wishes come true. You can make your home safer and more organized with the help of a kitchen designer near me.

3. Observing Air Circulation

Air circulation is a very important thing to pay attention to. Not only for the kitchen, but also for other rooms in the house. However, recently people tend to ignore the circulation of air. The design of the inside and outside is more important because it is considered as a measure of comfort. Meanwhile, the correct change of air will make your home healthier, you know

Even if you have an electric stove, cooking always creates hot steam which can make the atmosphere of another room hot and unsafe. Then, if you still use a gas stove at home, then the air circulation becomes very important so that when there is a gas leak, there is air circulation that does not double up with the gas.

4. Make Priority Notes on Equipment Required

In cooking, whether it’s for a large or small kitchen, of course there are some cooking utensils that must be used and there are also some that are only used occasionally. Create a small kitchen design, start organizing cooking equipment, from those that are often used to those that are not used frequently.

Some basic kitchen equipment, such as forks, knives, a set of spoons, spatulas, plates, and glasses or bowls, for a small kitchen design must be placed in a place or cabinet that is easy if you can always place it on a kitchen island or counter table. Both of these equipment are very vital in any type of cooking activity.

Prioritizing the equipment you need will definitely help the space and interior of your home to be neatly organized. You don’t need to overpay again and again to switch compartments back and forth. So, you should consult with kitchen designer near me about what kind of home design concept you want and think of something unique to create.

5. Sort the Appropriate Furniture

After determining the concept, air circulation, and the equipment needed, you can immediately determine what furniture is suitable and supports the three aspects first. For example, if you choose a minimalist concept, of course the furniture you use must be simple and multifunctional as much as possible.

If you carry the concept of an industrial kitchen, then it’s a good idea to add an industrial concept such as an accumulation of dark classic lamps and some decorations such as iron pipes to iron frames. Also, you can mix and match rustic wood textured furniture.

Whatever design you stretch, try to complete it with a variety of supporting furniture, OK? This is so that the kitchen design you want can be realized perfectly and does not conflict with existing furniture. Or you can look for references from kitchen designer near me.

6. Consider making a multifunctional kitchen

For those of you who have a house with limited space but always want to be creative, you can think about making your kitchen multifunctional. Not only as a room for cooking, but you can also make it a dining room. For this matter, it takes a variety of multifunctional furniture so that the kitchen space is more effective.

Multifunctional furniture, such as a table which also serves as a dish rack, will give the impression of saving space so that the room looks more spacious and the kitchen at home looks nicer.

Your Kitchen Design Is More Attractive & Different!

Your kitchen design is as comfortable as possible so that gathering with your family feels safer and warmer. The kitchen is an important place for housewives and those who have a hobby of cooking. With an attractive design color, this is sure to make the kitchen room lively and feel warmer.

When doing a kitchen design, of course you need a fairly large capital. Usually with the capital spent, you are often dissatisfied with the end result. So, for that you can look for a kitchen designer near me to be the design solution for your home.

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