Home Garden Design, from Minimalist to Scandinavian

The facades of houses and gardens are usually given extra attention, because the current part is the first thing that is seen by guests. Even so, don’t just focus on the face of the house. Other parts of the house, such as the back garden, must also be arranged neatly and optimized for use. This section can be used as a beautiful landscape or a place to do fun activities with friends and family. So don’t be left neglected, let’s take a look at the following interesting backyard garden design inspirations!

Minimalist Home Garden Design

The popularity of minimalist homes has not subsided, there are still many residential areas with a uniform concept that are built by developers and are in demand by residents, one of which is Samira Regency. The housing is also generally equipped with a turning page. Well, the inspiration for the garden behind the housing design is very suitable to be applied to a minimalist modern house. The landscape is simple but always beautiful and charming is the impression we get when we look at the ideas above.

You just add a touch of plants and flowers in several corners with the right composition. If you want, then you can add white minimalist stone accents as ‘pathways,’ so that they give a bit of a contrasting impression to the garden. Don’t forget the minimalist yard lamp, this one accent can make your backyard beautiful without seeming too much.

Green Home Back Garden Design

If you are a fan of The Lord of The Ring or The Hobbit movies and like The Shire’s distinctive atmosphere which is close to the impression of green, then this one idea must be followed. Decorate your backyard garden with short, neat grass such as Japanese grass, Manila grass, or Swiss grass.

Make sure the green grass dominates the garden behind. Don’t forget to increase other ornamental plants that are like shrubs, so that they continue to be similar to the homes of the dwarves. This all-green backyard garden design can very well be applied to various residential concepts. However, this concept would be more appropriate to apply to residential villas such as Vimala Hills and European-style homes.

Typical Desert Home Garden Design

Back garden with lots of greenery is not your style? No need to be afraid, this one design can be an option. Using rocks and pebbles, coupled with a mini swimming pool and sitting area, the color can also be an interesting inspiration for a back garden. At hardscape supplies near me there are various models that you can choose from.

Unique landscapes like an oasis in the middle of the desert you can emulate at home. So that it doesn’t look too dry, also add a variety of plants that match the theme. For example small palm plants or various bush plants that you can place in the side zone. The concept of a seaside or Mediterranean house like the Mediterranean Golf Hill is very suitable for this backyard garden design.

Semi-Classic Home Garden Design

Have a large back garden? This one design can be imitated. Not only beautiful, the concept and design can also optimize the use of the room. You can make a stone terrace to give a classic impression, put a dining table and sofa as a place to relax or do activities. If you want to find various types of stones, hardscape supplies near me can be your choice. This kind of backyard garden design also doesn’t require a lot of maintenance because there are very few living plants.

Typical Japanese Home Garden Design

Japanese style garden inspiration is also highly recommended, especially if you want a relaxing atmosphere and close to nature. The Zen garden is not only beautiful, but has a deep philosophy that supports meditation so that the soul feels calmer. Well, realizing the concept of a zen garden at home can be started from the rear garden, such as adding decorative stones, green plants, or fish ponds.

Vintage Home Garden Design

The green color alone is not enough to decorate the back page. You need to produce a beautiful flower page with a vintage style, like in the photo above. English cottage aesthetic is a style that has recently been quite popular. Because not only is it beautiful, it is also unique and emphasizes the old atmosphere in Europe.

Add lots of colorful decorative flowers, arrange according to your wishes. Add an old school impression by using a sofa and dining table with old colors. You can also add rock accents to create a more organized landscape. In hardscape supplies near me, there are various kinds of rocks that you can choose from. How beautiful, isn’t it?

Scandinavian Style Home Garden Design

Those who like simple styles but always look masculine, can definitely imitate the sleek Scandinavian home designs. The trick is to create a patio and add neutral color factors to the backyard. Hardscape supplies near me can be an option if you want to buy materials to make it.

Dark and white colors can be an option, you can apply them to furniture or maybe part of the room. Avoid the monotonous impression by giving green accents in the form of ornamental plants. Landscapes that seem clean but blend with nature, you can arrange using this one concept.

So, those are some garden design ideas behind the house with various styles. Good luck.

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