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How Commercial Cleaning Is Different from Cleaning And Janitorial Services

Commercial cleaning versus cleaning and janitorial services

Commercial cleaning and cleaning and janitorial services are often thought of as the same thing. While a commercial cleaning business can also provide cleaning services, there are some significant differences between the two positions.

Keeping buildings and structures clean and hygienic is mandatory for any business, but it also takes time and effort. This is why many businesses choose to outsource cleaning services or hire custodial staff or cleaners. Having people devoted to the upkeep and cleaning of your business means your business won’t be sidelined when other employees are too busy to do so.

Commercial cleaning often favors larger, more environmental, and highly specialized cleaning tasks. Below is a more in-depth look at the comparison between cleaning and commercial cleaning, and how you can adjust to choose the right one for your business needs.

Cleaning And Janitorial Services

Cleaning and janitorial services will depend on the business they work for, but they will usually perform cleaning duties on a daily basis. They will be able to disinfect bathrooms, sweep and mop floors, tidy break rooms, dust and vacuum, and disinfect surfaces using under-cleaning products or cleaning solutions.

Cleaning or custodial staff also handle minor return visits or maintenance of the building and facility maintenance and are sometimes cared for in-house as facility managers, not contracted. This means they are part of your industry, so they are subject to normal employee requirements such as opinions, insurance, sick leave, paid time off benefits and taxes.

This also means they are generally only located onsite during core business hours. This means they need to do their jobs while other staff members do their jobs every day. While it’s helpful to have them in position during the day to help with review or emergency cleaning, it can sometimes alert other things, having to close the bathroom for cleaning when other employees might need to use it.

There may also be days when there isn’t much cleaning or revision work to do, but they will still be paid their full wages for the day.

Commercial cleaning jobs generally do not require formal training. People in this position often have experience with a professional household or office cleaning service, and/or on-the-job mess by more experienced cleaners. Janitors and internal cleaners are inspected for safety according to the normal alcohol process for your business, which provides a certain level of consistency, quality control, and assurance.

Commercial cleaning service

Commercial cleaning involves larger, heavier, and more specialized tasks that cleaning staff generally don’t handle. These things are like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, electrical cleaning, or hard floor cleaning. This could be a routine job that is done once or twice a year, or you might have a commercial cleaner come in for a one-off job.

This type of work is often performed in larger premises and comes with health and safety regulations or may list potentially hazardous conditions or substances. For example, commercial window cleaning has many health and safety requirements because it involves work at heights and with delicate equipment.

This is a very special zone that only people with the right training and experience can comfortably venture into. There is a lot of risk management involved, and it is neither suitable nor comfortable for inexperienced custodial staff to do this kind of work.

Contracts with reliable commercial cleaning businesses come with bonus bonuses. That means no payroll or tax requirements to worry about. You will pay a fixed fee, or fixed rate depending on what service is provided and how often. All of this will be agreed upon in comprehensive quotations so there will be no more surprises later on.

You can be confident knowing that your cleaners are trained to reliable standards and safety is checked for your peace of mind. They can be scheduled to work at any time that suits your business, which is usually outside of standard cleaning hours so it doesn’t interfere with your day to day work.

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