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How to Apply the Eco Design Concept at Home

The concept of eco design can be an alternative to implementing this trend. At the same time is one way to contribute to protecting the environment. This concept organizes the house from all aspects, both outside and inside the house. Starting from the construction of the house, its use, and maintenance, it does not have a bad impact on the environment. If you plan to apply the eco design concept to your home, the budget is the first thing to consider, next to building materials, residential needs and comfort.

This eco design concept can store positive energy which can make the environment more beautiful and maintained. Apart from being environmentally friendly, this concept is also pocket friendly, however, this design also makes the home more comfortable without leaving the aesthetic beauty of the building. There are several important points that need to be done to design an environmentally friendly home. The house must have a building orientation that avoids a lot of air ventilation in the West and East directions.

The climate at the location will also affect the shape of the building, for example, a place with a hot climate requires large window openings on the north side of the building. Meanwhile, for colder climates, the opposite design is applied to hot climates. By understanding the orientation of the house it will make the house more comfortable.

Materials are also one of the main points in designing an eco house. Because a lot can be done by choosing the right material for the house. Choose materials made from natural materials such as cement, bricks, bamboo, wood, ceramics and steel. The remaining materials are better recycled, can be one for decorating the house. For floors, you can use granite, ceramic, bamboo, marble. To be more environmentally friendly, you can also use wood and bamboo for the bedroom.

The solar panel system is one of the renewable systems used as a source of electrical energy. This panel will work by converting solar energy into electrical energy, it can be placed on the roofs of houses in the East and West so that it is ensured that it gets solar energy. Of course, also choose a material for the roof of the house that can reflect heat radiation. and the price is indeed expensive at first but will be useful in the long term so that the cost of electricity expenses in the future is cheaper.

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