How To Choose The Right House Floor

The appearance of the floor & décor is one of the most important things to consider in determining the design of the house. Even though in reality the floor is often the last part that is done in building a house, you should still consider the design carefully. Thus, the selected design will suit the function of the room and also the needs of your home interior design. Therefore, here we summarize for you several ways to choose the right floor for your house.

Consider Floor Color

The choice of floor & décor color is very important to note, in order to provide harmony to the interior design of the house. Apart from that, the colors of the floor tiles themselves are also quite diverse on the market, so it is necessary to determine which one really suits your room design needs.

In choosing the color of the floor, it is also very important to pay attention to the nuances of the walls and furniture. Don’t let the floor look contrasting with the color of the walls and furniture, OK? Because if not, it will be difficult to create good harmony in the interior design of your room.

Consider Floor Motives

After determining the color of the floor & décor, choose a motif that matches your home design. For a minimalist style house, for example, choose a motif that is not so complex. For example, you can use floor tiles with geometric designs for a simpler and more modern impression.

On the other hand, if you want a more colorful look, choose a more vibrant pattern. However, still make sure that the selection of floor motifs does not contrast too much with the wall designs and home furnishings.

Consider Types of Floor Tiles

In the next stage, consider the type of floor & décor tiles that match the function and design needs of the room. So, here are some types of floor tiles that you can apply when you want to build a house:

1. Tiles

This type of tile is relatively easy to maintain, and offers attractive classic motifs. As for the basic ingredients, floor tiles are made from a mixture of cement and concrete sand.

2. Ceramics

Ceramic material is one of the most popular types of tiles. Present in various shapes, colors and textures, ceramic tiles themselves are generally made of clay. So, after the clay has gone through the firing process, the surface of the tile will be given a special coating to give the ceramic an attractive pattern and color.

3. Vinyls

Vinyl floor designs are widely applied to minimalist and industrial style homes. Also, its aesthetic appearance can make the atmosphere of the room feel warm. Vinyl itself is usually made from polyvinyl chloride and has a smoother surface than wood material.

4. Wood

Solid wood is widely chosen as one of the basic materials for premium quality tiles. In this case, teak and merbau are the types of wood tiles that are most often applied to the floor of the house. In addition, the price of wood tiles is also quite expensive and requires quite complicated maintenance.

5. Marble

Marble floor tiles are the right choice for homes that carry a luxurious interior concept. The choice of colors and textures of various marble is also effective in giving an elegant impression to the appearance of the room. Apart from being expensive, the luxury side of marble itself lies in its shiny surface.

6. Stone

Having a rough surface, stone tiles are usually used in areas that are often exposed to water, such as bathroom or swimming pool floors.

7. Granite

Similar to marble material, granite floor tiles have a shiny surface. This type of tile is also moisture resistant so it doesn’t require complex maintenance.

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