How to decorate a bedroom

How to Decorate a Bedroom To Make it Look Charming

The bedroom is a place to rest and unwind after a hard day’s work. The bedroom needs to be decorated attractively so you can rest safely. How to decorate a bedroom? decorating a simple bedroom is quite easy to try. You can start decorating your room by applying a shady patterned wallpaper that can change the mood in your bedroom.

Well, you can be creative and decorate your own bedroom as you wish. To help you realize your desire to have a more beautiful bedroom, here are tips and how to decorate a simple bedroom that you can follow to the end.

1. Simple Bedroom Decorating Method with Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants will provide a more attractive bedroom atmosphere. How to decorate a bedroom is to add ornamental plants to the bedroom. Choose indoor ornamental plants that are small in size so that the room can look more beautiful. One of the suggestions for ornamental plants that are suitable for the bedroom is the Parisian lily plant. In addition to having beautiful leaves, Paris lilies can absorb carcinogens, benzene and nicotine, then turn them into good oxygen for the body.

2. Use Wallpapers

There are many wallpaper design options that can be used for bedrooms at home. How to decorate a bedroom is to use a wallpaper. If you want your room to look more attractive, choose wallpaper with a unique and attractive decorative design. This attractive design wallpaper will also be a beautiful point of view in the bedroom.

3. Color Mix

How to decorate a bedroom is use a mix of interesting motifs for your bedroom. The next guide to decorating a bedroom is to find an attractive color combination for the bedroom. Only by using color games, the bedroom will appear more lively and not boring. For example, you can install a vintage LED chandelier to enhance the appearance of your bedroom. Use curtains in red to give a bold statement to the room. A small rug made of straw would be an attractive accessory for your colorful bedroom.

4. Add Simple Makeup

Makeup will make the bedroom not look boring. The next simple bedroom decorating method is to add various forms of makeup to the bedroom. Simple makeup will make the bedroom look more attractive and not look plain. Examples of simple bedroom makeup inspiration, you can look for some vintage items to make attractive makeup for the bedroom.

5. Selecting the Right Lights

Lights can make the bedroom more alive. Lights are one important component in a room, including the bedroom. The lighting produced by the right lamp will provide a good atmosphere in the room. Choose an LED lamp with a warm white pattern with a low wattage so that the light it produces is not too dazzling and does not make your eyes tired. To provide an interesting atmosphere, you can use a small table lamp, such as a lava lamp, which is unique and not dazzling.

6. End Table from Used Sofa

Take advantage of leftover objects to make interesting decorations in the bedroom. Do you have some leftover objects that are not used? Take advantage of these leftovers to make beautiful and useful decorations in the bedroom. For example, use a large sofa left unused to become an end table that can be used to place a table lamp and other objects next to the bed.

7. With a Beautiful Aquascape Style Aquarium

Aquarium Aquascape will make the room more attractive. A beautiful aquascape style aquarium can be one of the decorations that will make the bedroom look more lively and attractive. Not only looks attractive, the aquarium can lower your stress level after a day of activities. Install a silent type aquarium pump to avoid the sound of the pump disturbing your sleep at night.

8. Changing patterned sheets

Change the bed linen in the room so that it has an attractive color. The next simple bedroom decorating method is to change a plain sheet into a patterned sheet. Sheets that have motifs can make the bedroom atmosphere look more attractive and not look plain. To make it look more attractive, combine this patterned sheet with a pillowcase that has a matching color.

9. Improve the Bookshelf in the Room

Bookshelf will be an accessory for the bedroom. If you like reading and collecting books, there’s nothing wrong with providing a special bookshelf in the bedroom. These bookshelves can be used to store your collection of books as well as make an attractive decoration for your bedroom at home.

10. Improve Room with Carpet

Not only safe, the carpet can make the bedroom look more attractive. If you don’t want the bedroom to look plain and boring, you can decorate it by adding a rug in the bedroom. In addition to being an attractive decoration in the room, the carpet will also serve as a warmer for your feet when you get out of bed. To make it look attractive and harmonious, choose a rug with a pattern that matches the theme of the bedroom.

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