How to Decoration for Empty Living Room Corner

An empty living room corner may feel less than perfect. When you want to turn living room into bedroom, pay attention to the corner of the room that is often forgotten. You can apply some decoration ideas that are suitable for the corner of the room. Even so, the actual living room arrangement scheme also depends on the tastes of each person. Here’s how to decorate an empty living room corner:

Enter the Hanging Shelf

Hanging shelves are indeed a trend in interior design. You can also make it yourself with a model that suits your taste. In addition, the placement of hanging shelves can also help you when you are going to turn living room into bedroom that functions as storage for beautiful items that can be displayed.

Arrange Some Green Plants in Pots

Every room in your house can be added some green plants in pots to refresh your eyes. You can make green plants in pots as attention grabbers. It is recommended that you choose green plants that can survive with little light intensity and do not require complicated maintenance. For example, choosing a green plant with large leaves placed in a rough-textured bamboo basket. Pots can also be decorative ornaments when you want to turn living room into bedroom.

Add a Bar Table

Use a small linen cupboard in the living room corner of your house for something interesting, like a home bar or coffee shop. You can also decorate the bar with unique glass cups to make it look alive. Besides being multi-purpose, a bar in the corner of the living room will add to the beauty of the room.

Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a clever technique for turning a dull corner into a beautiful scene. There are definitely effective ways to decorate around corners, even though they can be challenging. A corner will suffice for your gallery wall that doesn’t require a massive wall. Make a contrasting asymmetrical arrangement on the blank area. Even better, if you change the color of the wall with a more eye-catching background.

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