How to Design Garden Inspiration, Perfect for Relaxing

Having a home garden is of course everyone’s dream. Apart from being a place to relax, having a home garden can also make the atmosphere more beautiful and have a good effect on health.

However, having a home garden is a separate problem for those who live in urban areas, especially those who have a small residential area.

However, it turns out that you can present a minimalist garden in front of your house. It’s just that, you need to pay attention to the selection of plants, decorations and also the right arrangement to make it look beautiful and comfortable.

In this article, will provide some inspiration for front garden designs that you can consider according to the area of land you have. Check out the following reviews.

Front Garden of the House with Terrace Chairs

After a day of tiring activities for both mind and body, you need a place to escape. Besides relaxing in the bedroom, you can also relax your mind in the middle of the better homes and gardens in front of this house.

Fill the garden in front of the house with your favorite ornamental plants, then place some chairs to rest, such as rattan patio chairs.

Front Garden of the House with a Swing

Apart from chairs, swings are also an important object that you can place in the garden in front of the house. Apart from making the children happy, you can also use the swing as a place to relax.

Home Front Garden with Aesthetic Statues

Furthermore, how to organize a good home garden to make it look attractive is to add aesthetic sculpture decorations. You can choose sculptures of animal figures or abstract shapes to be placed in the garden.

In this way, the aesthetics of your home garden will also increase. Try to match the theme of the garden to make it more harmonious and attractive.

Front Garden of the House with a Pool

Not only large residential areas are allowed to have a pond in the garden. You can too, it’s just that you have to pay attention to the size of the pool.

Make a pond with your favorite fountain model and decorate the pond with lotuses.

If it is possible to create an irrigation system, you can raise small fish here, for example betta fish.

After that, decorate the pool with colorful flowers. Don’t forget to also spread small rocks to prevent the soil from becoming muddy due to splashes of pool water.

Front Garden of the House with Stones

A small front better homes and gardens can also look attractive with a touch of natural stone elements. You can add rocks in the garden area to give a strong natural impression.

In addition, the presence of stones can also make a small garden in your home look more unique.

Front Garden of the House in the Terrace Area

If you have lots of plants, you can also store them in the terrace area. Choose ornamental plants with small pots to be placed on the terrace of the house.

Arrange the pots so that they look beautiful and resemble a garden. The garden in your terrace area will certainly be the main attraction for your home.

Home Front Garden with Palm Trees

Do you want to have a garden in front of your house that is not only cool but also aesthetically pleasing? The way is easy, namely by presenting a palm tree in the front garden of the house.

The types and sizes of palm trees themselves vary. You can choose the type that suits your wishes and the design of your home.

Front Garden of the House with Paths

A garden in front of the house does not always have to be filled with plants. Even with just a stretch of grass, it creates a beautiful atmosphere.

So that the grass always looks neat and not stepped on, make paths in the garden. For a more attractive appearance, you can use colorful natural stones or stones with motifs according to your wishes.

Front Garden of the House in the Entrance Area

Don’t worry if you don’t have more land for a front garden, because the entrance area can also be used as a garden.

The method is simple, you only need to put a number of plants in small pots of various shapes.

Arrange them neatly around the entrance area so they don’t get in the way of the entrance to the house. Definitely Beautiful!

Don’t forget to trim the plants that are already thick so they don’t disturb the view.

Japanese-style front garden

You can apply a Japanese-style home garden that is synonymous with grass, trees, bushes and rocks.

Even with simple elements, the atmosphere created by this Japanese-style home garden will bring a beautiful and peaceful effect.

Garden in Front of the House with Plant Cultivation Facilities

If the majority of plant cultivation at better homes and gardens is carried out on a large enough area and is often behind the house, you can do it in front of your house.

No need to plant different types of plants, one type of plant will do. With the cultivation of this plant, of course, it will become an interesting spot in your residence.