How to Make a 1 Floor Residential House Plan

Basically, a house plan or what many people usually refer to as a floor plan is a scale diagram in a room or even a building that is visible from above. Before carrying out the process of building a house, a floor plan is one of the things that you must make first. Considering that it includes the size of each side of the building, the number of rooms as desired and other existing furniture. Here are some ways to make a 1-storey house plan:

Gather Your References

In the digital era like today, you can use it to find reference materials for a 1 house floor plans. Usually on the internet there are lots of interesting floor plans that can be made as examples. the other half can renovate according to their own wishes, to be more creative. Making a house plan is sometimes easy, but also difficult. The difficulty is when you want to make a floor plan design with a minimalist model with a building size that is not that wide. Then also want to have a private room. Therefore, it’s a good idea to look for references first.

Make Some Lists Related to Home Activities

You also need to make a series of lists of activities that you usually always do at home / want to do. For example, if you have a job that requires you to stay at home, you must be able to have a business space. Make your own business space that if you have the area you want and doesn’t cut the size of the other rooms. In this stage, later you will eliminate or even combine several rooms so that the impression is more efficient and does not fill the house.

Determine the Model of the Dream House

Determine the model of your dream house that has been confirmed to make a house floor plans. Just draw a floor plan that includes as many rooms as you really need. Do not make space that is not too important. Although sometimes warehouse space is useful for storing unnecessary items. However, for a 1-storey house there will be no need for more. So that it doesn’t fill the building and doesn’t cut off other spaces because of warehouses, it’s better to make the main room wider.

Studying the Standard Size of a Building

Then, you also have to study the standard size of each room in the building before making a house floor plans. So that the results of the construction process can be in accordance with expectations. Nothing less or not even too much, everything gives the right results. You can do a little research regarding the room requirements that buildings usually need. Starting from the standard size in each room to various other basic needs. Also learn, the space to be created is important or not. If not, then don’t create.

Determine the Number of Rooms

You can determine the number of rooms in the 1-floor residential building. making the floor plan must be carried out carefully, especially in this case the customer carries out the construction process personally even though he is assisted by services. Instead of renting or contracting, so before making a one-story house plan. It’s a good idea to determine the number of rooms you actually want to realize. That way, the builders will not be confused in building. Provide detailed information.

Making the Most Basic Plan

How to make a one-story house plan also requires making a basic plan. In this stage, you will create zoning and relationship diagrams between spaces. Usually this component is just a simple line. More precisely, only playing thick and thin lines. Even though it looks simple, this basic plan will be very useful. That’s because of the benefit of being able to get a rough idea of the building structure.

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