how to make a living room into a bedroom

How to Make a Living Room Into a Bedroom

Have you ever had the need or desire to install a cubicle in an existing room to convert it into 2 separate rooms? If you’ve seen this, you know that one room installation can quickly turn into something like a full home renovation. We are here to tell you how to make a living room into a bedroom without the need to call a contractor or call an expert! Whether you’re looking to create more space in your studio apartment or want to divide your extra-large living room into a functional living room for last minute guests, we have some room divider ideas that don’t require a professional or a lot of work at all.

For those of us who live in cities, we have heard all too often the struggles of setting up a small house or apartment in a way that optimizes space in a thoughtful way. This can be tricky- it can even be frustrating when the number of square feet is limited, but we’ve got you how to make a living room into a bedroom. We will stimulate more joy within you than you could ever imagine. You might even have the odd urge to tell Alexa to play Wide Open Spaces by The Chicks.

Install a quick and easy room divider

If you’ve seen Downton Abbey or The Crown recently, you may have seen the characters dressed behind the folding screens. The screen has a much older history and first entered the home decor scene during the Han dynasty in China. Over the course of their history they were often hand-painted with beautiful works of art, much of which came from natural landscapes. In the 17th and 18th centuries, these screens spread throughout Europe and are still used today by interior designers around the world.

What does this have to do with dividing your living room and bedroom, you ask? Actually quite a lot! One of our favorite ways to make 2 separate rooms in one room is to use a room divider. These screens are inexpensive and non-permanent, which is great if you’re renting or don’t have the time or budget to tackle a larger design project.

Create a safe space with curtains or sliding doors

How to make a living room into a bedroom if you live in a small apartment, space-saving design ideas are your goal. Instead of jumping on the temporary cubicle trend that many city dwellers are so familiar with, create 2 separate rooms by opening the curtains or sliding doors. Both can be installed in hours (not days!) and will help you turn an open space into 2 clearly divided rooms. There are advantages to having both, especially if you are creating a bedroom or sleeping area outside of your living room.

Another bedroom idea we love is the use of curtains to create an impression of safety in a practical way and allow you to adjust to your design style. Rich and deep color lover? Try navy blue velvet curtains. Prefer a minimalist approach with a dash of color? Use white linen curtains. If you want, you can even change the curtains based on when using patterned fabrics in the garden to make the perfect window accessory.

Curtains in the Studio Apartment

Sliding doors on the other hand give you a bit more privacy and are the closest thing to having separate rooms without needing to install a new cubicle. Installing sliding doors can be a little more intensive than installing blinds, but a short trip to the hardware store and instructions will turn you into a pro DIYer in no time. If you’re looking to venture into the DIY mindset, we love repurposed old barn doors that breathe new life into your urban apartment.

Sliding door

If you’re the kind of person who browses a used bookstore on a Sunday morning and knows the best flea markets for creating that new-looking coffee table novel, you’ll love this design hack. Order a shelving unit or a simple bookshelf and place it between your bedroom and your chair to create 2 unique spaces. Shelves create new storage spaces that are especially helpful in small spaces.

Novel shelf in Studio Apartment

If you really want to maximize space, we suggest looking at the built-ins that make the loft bed space above it. If height doesn’t worry you, the loft space can be a safe place to sleep for you or your guests. A bookshelf will create a little nook underneath that can easily be converted into a home office and will make your apartment feel like it really is one bedroom. With an attic, you not only add floor space to your home, you also create a small space that didn’t exist before.

Loft Bed with Bookshelf

If you want as much natural light as possible to flow through your apartment, try something a little more open like this studio apartment in Boston. Bookcases actually sit on top and create a natural barrier to prevent you from rolling off your loft bed. We think this is a pretty clever interior design hack!

Divide the space by what is in your cubicle

Maybe you don’t need body division between rooms and are looking for a continuous room that blends smoothly. This can happen if you have a large living room that you hope will double as a dining area or a small alcove that doubles as a work-from-home space. Simply install some peel+stick wallpaper or use paint to divide the room and create combo spaces. Because peel+stick wallpaper requires minimum work to install and can be easily removed, it’s perfect for renters looking for a wallpaper look without the full commitment. It’s also one of the simplest (and affordable) ways to make your home feel like a total renovation.

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