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Ideas Before Doing Design in a Minimalist Living Room

When guests come to the house, ideally they will be greeted and asked to be seated. You should create a room with a neat design to make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible for your guests. Currently, the ikea living room design is becoming a trend. There’s nothing wrong with applying it in your own home. The following are some comfortable minimalist living room design ideas:

Minimalist room with large windows

This room is in the front area of the house facing the street. You can take advantage of this situation to install large windows. Large windows can serve as a way for air and sunlight to enter and exit with the best quality. From morning to evening, you don’t need to turn on the lights because there is natural light from the sun. Coupled with views facing the front garden of the house, your guests will definitely feel comfortable in your home.

The use of a mattress sofa for a limited land living room

For those of you who have a room with limited land, you know what it’s like to be confused when choosing a sofa. A comfortable sofa usually comes in large sizes. This is of course not possible because it can make your Ikea living room feel cramped. When compared to an ordinary sofa, a mattress sofa tends to be slimmer so it saves space. Especially now that mattress sofas come in a variety of shapes and colors, making it easier for you to mix and match.

Using a monochrome theme

Minimalist design is synonymous with a monochrome theme. However, please note that monochrome does not only consist of black, white and gray. Monochrome refers to colors with a matching palette. For example maroon, bright red, and pink. You can apply this theme to your Ikea living room. First determine what monochrome color to use. Then, choose one color as the basis or color that will dominate your room. Choose white as the base color in the room, you can also use it for walls, floors, shelves and coffee tables. Just put a gray sofa with various monochrome pillows and a table with black legs to add accents.

Room with high ceiling

The comfort of a minimalist room is also influenced by the air circulation that occurs. Apart from installing large windows, it’s a good idea to build this minimalist room with a high ceiling. This high ceiling will maximize air circulation in your home.

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