Instagramable Home Garden Design

Instagramable Home Garden Design

How do you arrange the design of the front yard of the house, showing what kind of personality you are. So that in making the front yard of the house you shouldn’t use concepts that mean finished. There are many elements that must be considered so that your yard does not only make your home beautiful but can have a calming meditation effect when you spend time lingering in your yard. Here’s what to discuss in this post:

1. Front Home Garden

The front yard of the house is a showcase of the house itself. If the “storefront” is beautifully arranged, it will certainly attract attention and give a good impression to the house and the owner who is good at keeping the house. And for you, the caretaker of the house, a good yard will add beauty and comfort when you are at home.

Just adjust to your taste, house design and existing land area. If land area is not a problem, you can make a yard with green grass on the left and right shoulders. While in the middle it divides the path leading to the main door like a modern Japanese courtyard concept in London. On the left and right of the path. You can plant flowers so that when the flowers bloom. You will see a patterned list along the path leading to the door of the house.

So, if space is limited, don’t be discouraged! You can find landscaper for get more professional work. You can create beautiful, tiny pages by practicing the vertical page concept or the living wall concept that uses hanging pots. Also consider making hydroponics by growing lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and pakcoy, the results of which can be used for kitchen matters. Choose a pot with a hanging frame made of iron so that the impression of the house is more dynamic, neat and modern.

2. The front yard of the house is part of the terrace

Usually the backyard at home will be made more private, which is only enjoyed by the family and the closest people who visit the house. You can make a special design for the yard behind the house to make it seem more personal. Like making an outdoor kitchen or outdoor bar, building a gazebo where you enjoy the afternoon while playing the guitar or a dining table is a fun breakfast ritual.

Not only that, the backyard can also be a fun outdoor playground for children. You can combine it with a swimming pool, or build a fish pond, mini playground with sliding, monkey bar, rabbit house or make a plant house which is sure to impress your children.

What must be considered is because of its outdoor position, choosing outdoor furniture that is water resistant as well as heat resistant. The iron material rusts quickly, whereas rattan will quickly weather when exposed to continuous rain and heat. The materials that are highly recommended are good quality wood such as teak, ironwood and merbau with an accumulation of water, heat and termite resistant coatings so that your furniture lasts a long time. You can get landscaper near you to get professional consultation.

3. Inner Home Front Yard

This one page will add green to your home. The yard that is located in the middle of the house will make your house look quirky. You can make a mirror roof above the yard so that sunlight can enter to provide nutrients for your plants. Don’t forget to add a comfortable chair for reading or a hammock installed in a wooden booth (in lieu of plants) which is suitable for relaxing at night while enjoying the starry sky.

Also consult with a reliable service to make a small pond in the yard in your house. The soothing sound of water will balance the mood and mind that is full after a day of work. Another inspiration, you can use the remaining space at the base of the stairs by creating a mini page. Also add some beautiful yard lights so that the yard in the house is always bright. Arrange regularly so that it is always beautiful to look at and does not become a mosquito nest.

4. Rooftop Courtyard

The top of the house made of concrete and used as a rooftop yard is indeed in vogue. You can invite some friends for a barbecue on your rooftop yard. You need to pay attention to the plan for making a yard on the roof from the start of building a house so that you can calculate the strength of the foundation to withstand the weight of the roof of the house for the safety and durability of the house.

Not only that, even though it has been given a waterproof coating under the concrete, you should be able to use synthetic grass so that it doesn’t make it difficult to clean. For plants, you can use potting media, both hanging models and placed on the floor, dominated by dark, white and gray colors which are very suitable for a minimalist yard on your roof. You can looking for landscaper for get the perfect garden landscape for your home.