Know These Guidelines When Before Buying a Modular Kitchen

Having a good modular kitchen is of course the dream of all homeowners, especially for those of you who like to cook. Not only serves as a place to store or place cooking needs, a kitchen set must also be beautiful and well-organized. Especially if your house is minimalist. Limited space in a small house certainly makes setting up a minimalist kitchen set more difficult. This is what causes many people to be confused when they want to choose a beautiful minimalist kitchen set that is suitable for the room.

No matter how large your kitchen space is, whether it’s large or small, having a beautiful and organized kitchen set is mandatory for every home owner. We know how a kitchen set can get messy and dirty when used for cooking. If the kitchen set is no longer supportive, not only will the cooking activities be sacrificed, but also the overall appearance of the house will become less pleasing to the eye. Therefore it is necessary for you to identify what to pay attention to before buying a kitchen set.

Here are some things you should know so you don’t buy the wrong modular kitchen:

Adjust the size with the area of the room

The first thing to pay attention to is the area of the room. Make sure the size of the kitchen set matches the area of your kitchen space. Usually a kitchen set has a width of about 50-70 cm, a size of about 85-110 cm, and a length of about 120-200 cm. But of course this size is not a benchmark for all homes in justifying the size of the kitchen set. You can still have the option of customizing the size of the kitchen set to suit the size of your kitchen area. Many kitchen set stores and manufacturers provide custom services like this.

Ready made or built in cabinet?

As with size, you can also choose between ready-to-use kitchen sets and built-in kitchen cabinets. The ready-to-use cabinet has a finished shape and only needs to be placed or installed in the kitchen. Usually ready-made cabinets are sold in separate sections. In contrast, built-in cabinets are permanently attached to the room. Generally, built-in cabinets are sold custom according to preferences and needs. For those of you who have difficulty finding the right size or design for a kitchen room, built-in cabinets are of course the recommended option. Built-in cabinets also allow you to create a modular kitchen that really blends in with the kitchen, so that it looks more artistic and can meet your needs.

Determine the shape of the cabinet

In general, the layout of the kitchen space is L or U-shaped, with one side attached or close to the wall, and the other side is filled with a kitchen island. On the other hand, for a kitchen that is not very wide, it usually only has a modular kitchen on one side that is attached to the wall. Choose between the types and forms of cabinet layouts that are perfect for your kitchen.

Consider the cabinet material

The material of your kitchen set cabinet must also be considered. Using mediocre quality wood can in fact be cheaper, but not necessarily durable. Meanwhile, cooking activities that are tried in the kitchen are very susceptible to spots and hot temperatures. Consider using a kitchen set made of solid wood with a stain-resistant finish. Even better if you have a kitchen set made of ceramic or marble which is heat resistant.

Choose a functional model with storage space

What is no less important in choosing a kitchen set is ensuring the availability of sufficient storage space. The equipment and cooking needs needed are in fact very much. Therefore, the storage space in the kitchen set must also be adequate. Make sure the cabinet has lots of storage space and other functional supporting features so that cooking activities are easier and more practical.

Determine the color of the matching furniture

Consider choosing furniture colors that match your home’s color palette to make it look harmonious. Better not to choose a color that contrasts with the color tone of the house. You are fine with one or two contrasting colors as knick-knacks.

If you already know what to consider, the last thing that must be determined is the suitability of the budget and the allocation of funds. Start preparing a budget to realize your dream minimalist kitchen set. You can make your dream kitchen set at a furniture store or kitchen needs provider. Consult your dream kitchen set right now!

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