Methods of Protecting Environment Cleanliness

A clean area not only makes anyone who sees it feel safe and comfortable. A clean environment will also provide many benefits, including disease control. Because we know that dirty areas are a hotbed of many dangerous germs.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep the area clean properly in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. What’s the trick? Because the area is a very large place, not only near the house. However, by focusing on ways to protect the cleanliness of the area below, we can certainly take good care of it.

Starting from the Home Area Environment

The easiest thing we can do to always keep the area environment clean is to keep the house and garden clean. Because the cleanliness of the house and garden will make us more accustomed to cleaning other areas. Make sure we always sweep the house at least 2 times a day. Also sweep the home garden at least 2 times a week.


There are many types of waste that will pollute the area that can actually be recycled properly. For example, using leftover cans and bottles to make any container. Leftover cans can be turned into a flower pot and you can even decorate it. This will be a positive thing compared to letting it become garbage that accumulates.

Making Compost Fertilizer

Compost can be made from organic waste. Instead of letting it lie dormant and rotting to give rise to germs, it is better if it is processed into compost which is useful for agriculture and plantations.

Don’t Throw Trash Carelessly

The most important thing in keeping the area environment clean is to always adjust good things like the habit of throwing trash in its place. Don’t let trash scatter everywhere without a care to throw it in its place.

Moreover, if allowed to always instill in each of us to always maintain cleanliness by picking up messy trash on the streets. Dispose of it in the proper place even though we are not janitors.

Separating the Type of Garbage

It is a good thing to use different types of trash cans for inorganic waste and organic waste. Because organic waste is waste that can be processed and used as fertilizer. On the other hand, part of the organic waste can also be used as certain furniture. Separating these two types of waste will help in the processing.

Mutual Cooperation Activities

Another important thing is to always regularly adjust the mutual cooperation habits of fellow citizens. This will not only help clean up the neighborhood, but will also help in strengthening the bonds of cooperation between people.

In general, this mutual cooperation activity will be carried out at least once a week so that the area is completely clean of trash. So, it is very important to maintain the cohesiveness between people so that they can work together to create a clean area that is needed by everyone.

Crushing Garbage

The majority of inorganic waste such as plastic bottles or boxes and others will create more volume of waste. So, the important thing that can be done to reduce the volume of waste is by crushing it

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