Perfect Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Big or Small Spaces

Perfect Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Big or Small Spaces

Enhance the look and feel of your master bathroom or guest bathroom with one of these fabulous design ideas. We can earn income from the products in this park as well as participate in affiliate programs. Very extraordinary effect of bathroom renovation to the totality of the feel of the house. While most bathrooms are generally much smaller than the rest of the house, a full renovation or even a simple renovation can make a big difference.

When you’re ready to say goodbye to outdated tiles, appliances, or paint colors, use these bathroom remodel ideas to guide you in designing a functional and attractive space that you can enjoy for years to come.

1. Walk In Shower

If you are currently renovating your bathroom regularly, consider adding a large shower wall. Shower walls not only offer a more accessible design, they are generally easier to clean and work well in bathrooms large and small alike. Shower walls can help a bathroom feel more open, and also contribute to a modern and contemporary design.

2. Attractive tiles

Choosing the wrong tile is a bathroom renovation mistake that should be avoided. Going with something so bland can only lead to regrets later on. Why not add a burst of color or artistic flair to your bathroom by choosing attractive and eye-catching tiles that can help form the underside of your bathroom makeup.

3. Double Vanity

If you’re looking for master bathroom inspiration, you may want to think about adding a double vanity, like this one at The Home Depot, which features brown oak cabinets and drawers, white quartz countertops, and gold hardware. Double vanity can be a real bond savior when 2 people need to be on hand at the same time. Plus, it offers more countertop real estate to store individual care products.

4. Bidets

Upgrading the bidet is another top bathroom remodel ideas. In addition to increasing personal comfort and hygiene, using a bidet can be more environmentally friendly than using toilet paper. They can even help prevent clogged toilets and other potential plumbing problems. If you don’t have room to add a full bidet to your space, there are inexpensive all-in-one sofas.

5. Statement Bathtub

When designing your bathroom design, think about removing the old, room-mounted bathtub in favor of a new statement bathtub. Choosing a large and elegant bathtub can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space while offering the perfect place to rest and relax after a long and stressful day.

6. Sound System

Incorporating a sound system into your bathroom remodeling plan can help you create the ultimate relaxation space. Pairing your sound system with the built-in TV, as shown here, will allow you to indulge in your favorite activities or watch movies while enjoying a relaxing bath.

7. Place Plants

Don’t forget to include space for plants in your bathroom design ideas. Plants can produce toxins from water, keeping your bathroom cleaner and healthier. A large bathroom humidity level can create the perfect conditions for plants to thrive. If you’re afraid of adding plants to a windowless bathroom, lucky bamboo, philodendron, fern, and many other plants can thrive without natural light.

8. Accessibility

Increasing accessibility is one of the best reasons for a bathroom remodel ideas. This conversion kit available at The Home Depot allows you to convert your bathtub into a shower wall. This kit is compatible with all types of bathtubs including fiberglass, cast iron, and steel.

9. Liver Atmosphere Lighting

Whether you’re planning a major or minor bathroom remodel, consider adding some dimmable lighting fixtures like these options available on Amazon to enhance the atmosphere. Install a dimmer switch to let you make the lights brighter for tasks like getting ready or putting on makeup, or dimming the lights to enjoy a relaxing bath. 10. Touchless Faucets

When you’re contemplating how much to pay for a bathroom remodel ideas, don’t forget to add in some luxuries, like touchless faucets like these on Amazon. Touchless faucets offer a myriad of benefits, including reducing the spread of bacteria, reducing water waste, and making it easier to turn the water on or off.

11. Radiant Heat Floors

If your feet hate the cold shock when it comes to cold tile bathroom floors, installing heated floors may be the solution. You can even make this update yourself with a radiant floor heating kit like this option found at The Home Depot. Special heated mesh materials can be installed under nailed tile, stone, and hardwood floors. Use the included thermostat to set the heat to your desired temperature.

12. Luxurious Shower

Replacing old shower equipment with an elegant shower head is an easy way to improve the look of your shower. Imagine waking up each morning to the effects of rain pouring down The Home Depot’s golden square shower head. Not only is a rain shower attached, a handheld wand is also included with this model.

13. Built-in Towel Warmer

Keep yourself safe and warm after a hot shower when you grab a warm towel from Wayfair’s built-in towel warmer. The stainless steel rack holds up to 2 towels or bathrobes and only takes 10 to 15 minutes to warm up. Not only does it prevent you from getting cold when you take a shower, this towel warmer will also help ensure that your towels are always fresh and not stale.