Positive and Nurturing Home Environment

If you have just moved house and live in a new place, it will definitely give you a very pleasant impression. Each area of residence has a style and layout of the environment that is different. You must learn about and identify the area of your new residence from an early age so that you can learn to keep the area clean more easily.

1. The Meaning of Nurturing Home Environment

If you have plans to buy a house, the first and most important step is to take a good look at the environmental conditions first. A house that is located in an area that has a well-maintained environmental condition is one of the main things that you must choose. A place that has an unmaintained residential area can become a problem in the future, especially for your family later.

It is very important to protect the state of the area. An area that is dirty and not maintained will cause various problems to be revealed in a short time. This problem will continue to get worse if there is no understanding between communities with one another to participate in protecting the condition of the area, even though previously it was from their respective home areas.

There are lots of natural disasters that can happen if you are negligent in protecting the area. Maybe now you don’t want to feel it, but some time after that you can feel the risky negative effects of the damaged area that is not properly protected.

2. Efficacy Nurturing Home Environment

Disposing of trash properly and correctly is a very easy way to protect the area.

The area we live in is a common property. You must contribute to protecting the condition of the area so that you feel the positive benefits. A healthy environment can provide a lot of benefits, whether you can feel it now or in the future. Below are some of the benefits of protecting areas that you need to know about:

Cooler Air

The efficacy of maintaining the cleanliness of the house that is very visible and felt is that the air in the house becomes cooler. If it is not treated, it is certain that the air that is present will certainly be stuffy and humid so that it is unhealthy for the respiratory system.

So, those are the benefits of keeping the air vents in the house clean, sterilizing every corner so there is no dust, and keeping the trash can clean.

Free from Disease

If you always keep it clean at home, both for floors, bedrooms, bathrooms, to the cleanliness of the furniture, this will certainly make your body healthier. This is because we want to be free from disease.

There are several diseases that do develop when we are in dirty places, such as dengue fever, malaria, to typhus. These three diseases are caused by mosquitoes and rats that carry disease germs. Both occur when the house is damp and dirty. So, the absence of rats and mosquitoes is the efficacy of keeping the house clean.

Not Easy Stress

Located in a clean area, sure to give off good vibes. So, these vibes want to make us mentally healthier so we don’t get stressed easily. This is the property of protecting the cleanliness of the house which is very expensive.

Be More Productive

Still related to mental health, of course we want to make ourselves more active, right? So, if we are actively moving in a happy state, of course we will be more productive. If this is the case, the jobs will surely end soon or even we will be more creative. Wow, in fact the efficacy of protecting the cleanliness of this sacred house, friend.

3. Method of Nurturing Home Environment

Throw garbage in its place

The first thing to do is get used to throwing trash in its place. This is a small sample of the actions we can take.

Garbage carelessly can result in clogging of waterways which will eventually cause stagnant water which results in flooding, such as during the rainy season as it is today. By disposing of garbage in the proper place, it will minimize the accumulation of garbage and blockage of waterways due to waste deposits.

Separating organic and non-organic waste

The second thing that can be done is to separate organic and non-organic waste. We can recycle and utilize non-organic waste such as

i, used bottles, rags, plastic straws, used paper are handicrafts or goods with a promising selling value. As for organic waste, you can use it as organic fertilizer.

Sweep and mop floors regularly

Is one way to keep your home clean. We can do this method easily and is a fairly effective way to protect the environment in which we live. Sweeping and mopping the floor regularly will keep the house from smelling bad and the like. Enough with brooms, mops and floor fresheners, we can make the house a clean, fragrant and pleasing to the eye place.

Throw away unused items

It is not good to hoard or accumulate items that are not used. This will only make the contents of the house seem full and dirty. Therefore, carry out routine cleaning activities and sort out items that are no longer useful or have no use value.

If possible, it would be much better to recycle these items into items that have use value.

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