Smart Guide to Sorting Apartments

Ready to rent your first apartment? Read this apartment sorting guide first! For residents who live or work in the city center, living in an apartment is often an option. Living in an apartment is often considered more instant. What’s more, apartments are generally located close to business and shopping centers making it easier to move around every day.

It’s no wonder that apartments are currently in demand, especially with the various facilities offered. However, choosing an apartment should not be arbitrary, you know! There are several things that must be considered in choosing the most important apartment for newcomers. So, for those of you who don’t want to make the wrong choice, follow these 8 guidelines for sorting out apartments carefully, come on!

1. Location

In choosing an apartment, the position of the building is the main thing to consider. Look for apartments that are close to shopping centers, hospitals, offices, campuses, and other universal facilities. Not only that, make sure you choose an apartment in a position that is easy to reach by public transportation so you don’t have to worry about moving around.

If there are several apartments that are strategically located together, you can compare them again from the distance to universal facilities, vehicle access, and the potential for congestion on routes near the apartments.

2. Find suitable needs

For newcomers, there are 3 types of apartments that need to be known, namely fully furnished (ready to be occupied), unfurnished (no furniture at all), and semi furnished (there is some furniture). The dimensions of the apartment are also worth considering before choosing an apartment. Starting from a 22 m2 studio, 1 bedroom 34 m2, and two bedrooms 39 m2.

Don’t let you choose a ‘wow’ apartment just because of prestige, okay! This can actually be detrimental to yourself, especially financially. Look for the type of apartment that fits your needs at Olive Garden Apartments.

3. Look at the available facilities

Of course we have to listen to all the facilities in the unit before choosing an apartment. For those who choose semi-furnished or furnished apartments, make sure the facilities in the unit are still in good condition, comfortable and safe. In addition, take your time to look at supporting facilities such as sports facilities, banks, supermarkets/minimarkets, and so on. This means you know to support your activities every day!

4. Consider the rental price

Consider the rental price carefully before choosing an apartment. Pay attention to whether the rental price is worth it with the facilities provided and the strategic position. Don’t forget to calculate too much the maintenance fee for the building and other bills that must be paid outside of the rental fee.

If you want to save more, rent an apartment directly within a year. There is no budget for a year’s direct rent? Find your favorite apartment in Olive Garden. Not only can you pay monthly, the rental price is all-in and there is no bonus payment.

5. Know the apartment rules

While living in an apartment, of course there are some provisions that you must obey. Pay close attention to the apartment rules, generally this is stated in the rental agreement. If you have pets, fear not! There are some apartments that allow guards to bring them anyway. It’s better to ask before choosing your dream apartment!

6. Security aspects

One of the plus points of living in an apartment is that there are tighter security facilities. However, you also have to consider the security situation near the apartment area, you know! Before choosing an apartment, find out about the security services you want to have in the apartment. Also make sure the apartment’s security camera functions properly to monitor the security situation of the area. At Olive Garden Apartments you don’t need to be afraid because the security is very strong. There are security cameras on 24 hours and security on each floor.

7. Apartment maintenance

Prospective apartment caretakers must know about the cleanliness level of the unit. Generally, cleaning services are of course provided, but there’s nothing wrong if you take a closer look at every corner of the room. You can also use maintenance services if you are on a busy schedule and can’t clean the room. Make sure the cleanliness of your apartment is maintained so that it is always safe!

8. Parking lot

Don’t ignore the issue of parking space when choosing an apartment. Especially if you use a vehicle in mobilizing every day. Choose an apartment that has sufficient and comfortable parking space, with an affordable monthly fee. If not, you might get hassled when doing activities while living in the apartment.

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