Turning the living room into the master bedroom

Here’s our guide to turning a living room into a master bedroom including various designs and creative ideas. Contemporary living room with frosted sliding doors to bedroom space,

Living small is a huge trend right now and it’s not going to end anytime soon. Whether you’re part of a tiny home movement, trying to save money in a studio, or crammed into a tiny dorm apartment, here are some trade tips for getting the most out of your small space.

When faced with a small space, do what the designer did, measure your space and make a bottom sketch, including notes outlining what you want to do in that space. Turning a living room into a functional bedroom requires a lot more than simply placing a sleeping chair in the corner. You want it to be safe, inviting, instant, and beautiful. Consider what you will wear for your “room”, where you will store your clothes, and whether or not you will entertain yourself in this space. Do you want to completely transform your space into a bedroom-living room combo, or do you want the room to shift between the two? These are the details that you need to choose before designing your room.

Method of dividing the living room into a bedroom

Experts tell us that in order to get a good and meaningful sleep, we need to choose a place only for sleeping. The point is away from the television, away from the work area, the space is only … Read More

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