Important Characteristics of an Eco-Friendly Home

To reduce the impact of environmental damage such as global warming and climate change, currently the construction of environmentally friendly houses continues to be intensified. There are several principles that are important characteristics of a dwelling. Then, what is eco friendly design for your home? The following are important features of an eco-friendly home:

Be in the Right Location

The construction of this house must also pay attention to the applicable land use plan. The house must be in an area that is regulated as residential land. Do not let a house be built in an area regulated by the local government as an industrial area, protected forest area, or in a city-owned green open area. Therefore, the house must first be ensured that it has a valid construction permit.

Choosing an Efficient Location

Another consideration in choosing a location for building a house is the distance from the location of the house to certain places that are potentially needed by the occupants of the house, such as public transportation, shopping centers, schools and offices. The closer the location of the house to these places, the smaller the carbon footprint produced by the activities of the occupants of the house.

Have a Green Open Area

The existence of green open space in the home area is also very important. What is eco friendly design standards? environmentally friendly design standard is a minimum of 30% of the total land area must be used as open space equipped with various plants. The … Read More

How to Build the Best Eco Friendly House

Today, building a beautiful house that will meet your every need is no longer enough. It’s about managing to achieve them while also making your house an eco friendly house. That’s why many new house owners are looking for ways to eco friendly house designs from the ground up. With that in mind, here are some ways to build an eco friendly house.

Use sustainable and reusable materials

This is not only limited to the choice of materials that you will use in the building process itself, but also the materials that you will use in your house. When it comes to building materials, think reclaimed wood, concrete and natural brick. A steel frame is also an excellent choice, as it provides a solid and sustainable base. On the other hand, when it comes to indoors, try to focus on materials that are sustainable but also reusable for everything from your furniture to your décor.

Maximize natural energy sources

Another staple of eco friendly house designs is the use of natural energy sources. Primarily, it’s all about maximizing solar energy. That’s why you should consider installing solar panels and minimizing your house’s, if not completely eliminating grid power usage. This option may at first seem like a great investment. Apart from that, you should also consider creating an irrigation system that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient for your yard or garden. By assembling a rain collection system, you can ensure that you have enough water to maintain your green … Read More

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