How to Decoration for Empty Living Room Corner

An empty living room corner may feel less than perfect. When you want to turn living room into bedroom, pay attention to the corner of the room that is often forgotten. You can apply some decoration ideas that are suitable for the corner of the room. Even so, the actual living room arrangement scheme also depends on the tastes of each person. Here’s how to decorate an empty living room corner:

Enter the Hanging Shelf

Hanging shelves are indeed a trend in interior design. You can also make it yourself with a model that suits your taste. In addition, the placement of hanging shelves can also help you when you are going to turn living room into bedroom that functions as storage for beautiful items that can be displayed.

Arrange Some Green Plants in Pots

Every room in your house can be added some green plants in pots to refresh your eyes. You can make green plants in pots as attention grabbers. It is recommended that you choose green plants that can survive with little light intensity and do not require complicated maintenance. For example, choosing a green plant with large leaves placed in a rough-textured bamboo basket. Pots can also be decorative ornaments when you want to turn living room into bedroom.

Add a Bar Table

Use a small linen cupboard in the living room corner of your house for something interesting, like a home bar or coffee shop. You can also decorate the bar with unique glass cups … Read More

Inspiration to Organize a Minimalist Living Room

The living room is the most important room in the house. In addition to making the appearance look nicer and neater, the process of talking will also make you feel comfortable and at ease. For that, you can try the concept of a minimalist living room that is beautiful and comfortable to live in. The use of a minimalist concept is one of the designs that is now a favorite of millions of people. The unobtrusive color combination and minimal decorative ornaments make applying the design much easier. Especially for those of you who don’t have a large enough room.

Choose the right furniture

So that the room doesn’t seem stuffy and congested, make sure you always pay attention to choosing small furniture that fits your living room furniture needs. However, there are some mandatory pieces of furniture that every home has, namely, choosing chairs or sofas, tables, and storage cabinets.

Selection of matching colors and materials

Finding the choice of finishing colors in the living room is quite difficult. Mainly there are differences in color preferences for each individual. Therefore, for those of you who like bright colors, you can try applying neutral colors for a better blend. For example neutral color furniture that blends with the concept of dark walls or vice versa. For the complementary materials themselves, you can be more expressive by playing extreme color combinations. Make sure there is one dominant element so that the atmosphere of the house has a distinctive impression. In addition, … Read More

How to Apply a Small Kitchen Design Ideas that Stays Comfortable

Like other narrow rooms at home, organizing and designing a small kitchen requires carefulness to create a kitchen atmosphere that is still comfortable and functional. However, organizing and designing a small kitchen does not mean it has to be plain and plain. There are several easy ways to outsmart the narrow space in your small kitchen without having to look boring and monotonous. Here are some small kitchen design ideas that are designed nicely so that they still look comfortable.

Bar table as dining area

Combining the dining room and kitchen is a common way to outsmart a limited and small home area. The merging of these two rooms is also considered practical because you can immediately eat food without having to move places. If you have a kitchen design ideas, this can also be a way to combine the kitchen and dining room, from adding a long bar table to placing a small dining table in the kitchen. The small kitchen example above uses a bar table that functions as a dining area. This bar table is also multi functional because it can be used as a kitchen table when you are not eating. So, apart from saving space, the presence of a table is still functional. Choose a bar table design and material that is minimalist and in line with the appearance of the kitchen.

Sweet vintage feel

Limited area is not an obstacle for you to be creative with home interiors, especially the kitchen. Try to add … Read More

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