Important Things to Look For in Designing a Home Kitchen

A house if there is no room for cooking and processing food, certainly will not meet the standards of a healthy and environmentally friendly home. For those of you who want to make a new modular outdoor kitchen kits or want to design their kitchen with the current minimalist model, here are some important things that you should pay attention to for the comfort and function of the kitchen.

Furniture Layout

The arrangement of the furniture in the modular outdoor kitchen kits must be taken seriously. Layout is the main or most important aspect in designing a nice and comfortable kitchen in the house. Refrigerator and glassware such as plates, cups and cupboards are placed in a row. Stove is better in the middle of the wall and away from the refrigerator. Hanging cabinets are aligned on the same wall so they don’t take up room space.

Choose a Minimalist Table

Minimalist house usually has a minimalist room size as well. The table is usually placed in the middle of the room in a minimalist kitchen. With a large table size, it will take up space in your room. So you can work around this by using a minimalist table and using just a few chairs, not too many.

Room Lighting

Cooking activities tend to be activities that result in dirty rooms. It is for this reason that lighting is an aspect that is also important and needs to be considered in your kitchen. A kitchen that has good and … Read More

8 Minimalist Bathroom Vanities Equipment and Accessories

8 Minimalist Bathroom Vanities Equipment and Accessories – Not just a trend, minimalist home design and decoration style ideas can also be an alternative solution for those of you who have limited bathroom areas. With minimalist bathroom accessories, it will make the atmosphere of the room neater and more organized.

You can buy good bathroom fixtures with simple, unique, cool, or luxurious designs, and are multi functional to save space while making the room look more spacious.
Minimalist Bathroom Vanities Equipment and Accessories
So, here are some minimalist bathroom vanities accessories that you must have to beautify your bathroom as well as be functional:

Anti-Slip Bath Mat

A must-have bathroom item is a bath mat to dry wet feet or clean dry feet from dirt. As a recommendation, you can use an anti-slip mat.

This mat will stick firmly to the floor and won’t shift easily. The surface is rough and non-slip, so you don’t have to worry about slipping in the shower. You can put it near the bathroom door, near the bathtub or shower.

Clothesline Towel Rack

After bathing, wet towels should not be folded and must be hung up so they are not damp and do not become a nest of fungi and bacteria. Therefore you need to have a towel rack.

You can choose a minimalist towel rack model with anti-rust material so it can last longer. You can put this bathroom fixture near the sink or the bathroom window.

Liquid and Bar Soap Containers

Generally, … Read More

Turning the living room into the master bedroom

Here’s our guide to turning a living room into a master bedroom including various designs and creative ideas. Contemporary living room with frosted sliding doors to bedroom space,

Living small is a huge trend right now and it’s not going to end anytime soon. Whether you’re part of a tiny home movement, trying to save money in a studio, or crammed into a tiny dorm apartment, here are some trade tips for getting the most out of your small space.

When faced with a small space, do what the designer did, measure your space and make a bottom sketch, including notes outlining what you want to do in that space. Turning a living room into a functional bedroom requires a lot more than simply placing a sleeping chair in the corner. You want it to be safe, inviting, instant, and beautiful. Consider what you will wear for your “room”, where you will store your clothes, and whether or not you will entertain yourself in this space. Do you want to completely transform your space into a bedroom-living room combo, or do you want the room to shift between the two? These are the details that you need to choose before designing your room.

Method of dividing the living room into a bedroom

Experts tell us that in order to get a good and meaningful sleep, we need to choose a place only for sleeping. The point is away from the television, away from the work area, the space is only … Read More

Methods for Maintaining busch gardens Plants Properly and Correctly

The method of caring for plants is important with maintain busch gardens to try so that the plants can develop properly. There are many steps that must be taken to maintain ornamental plants and hydroponic plants.

Farmers measure the power of hydrogen of mustard greens water grown using a hydroponic system, Cultivation of plants with a hydroponic system is an alternative for farmers with small land with a relatively shorter planting to harvest period at a selling price greater than that of conventional cropping systems.

Nowadays many people are starting to find out about good and correct ways to care for busch gardens plants. The reason is the cultivation of plants at home. Usually they grow flowers or vegetables in pots or some use a hydroponic system.

Methods of Maintaining Ornamental Plants

Plant treatment is attempted after the planting process ends. This session is very meaningful to try, because if the method of caring for plants is not correct it can cause the plants to die.

Ornamental plant care is usually not difficult. Quoting from the novel “Agribusiness Ornamental Plant Cultivation Technology”, the following is a good and correct method of caring for ornamental plants.


The first way to maintain ornamental plants is to do watering. Water provides an important position for plant growth. The function of water is to build the body, to dissolve nutrients, to help photosynthesis, and to neutralize the temperature of the plant body.

Watering is tried according to the needs of the plants and … Read More

Tips for Choosing Cheap Furniture with Good Quality

Furniture has become one of the things that people must have when building a house. Without furniture, the house will be empty and tend to be useless. Furniture has its own function which will make the atmosphere of the house more lively. You can buy various types of furniture ranging from expensive furniture to cheap furniture. In buying furniture for the home, of course, it must be adjusted to the budget you have. If you have a limited budget, then you don’t need to force yourself to buy expensive furniture. There are still many types of furniture that are cheap but have quality that is no less good than expensive furniture. The following are some tips that you can do if you want to choose cheap furniture with good quality:

Pay Attention to Furniture Details

If you want to buy cheap but good quality furniture, then the first thing to pay attention to is the details of the furniture. Choose the type of kitchen set with a good surface and appearance without the slightest flaw. If the kitchen set you are buying is made of wood, pay attention to the paint and finishing details of the furniture. However, if you intend to buy a kitchen set made from stainless steel, choose furniture that has a smooth surface and has not been scratched at all.

Buy a Set of Furniture

If you want good furniture but at a lower price, then try buying the furniture in a set. There are lots … Read More

How to Choosing Minimalist Furniture so that The House Looks Spacious

Without the presence of furniture, a room will only look empty and certainly not aesthetically pleasing. The existence of furniture is considered very important, because each object clearly has a different function. Carefulness is needed before you choose minimalist furniture for your home. Here are some tips that you can use before choosing minimalist furniture so that the house looks spacious:

Pay attention to the size of the furniture

To get the ideal size, it’s better if you first determine the size and conditions of the room. Minimalist dwellings with limited space would certainly be more suitable if filled with a variety of furniture that you can choose from small to medium sized at Ikea. If you insist on placing furniture that is too large, it will only make the room feel cramped, cramped, and uncomfortable. In any case, avoid buying very large furniture, especially if it ultimately does not fit the needs of the family. In addition to increasing expenses, this will also result in an unsightly appearance of the dwelling.

Selection of appropriate colors

Choose a color that matches the walls or other interior decoration elements. The easy way is to align the dominant colors in the room and avoid using low contrast colors. Both of these methods are very important, especially to ensure the presence of furniture so that it blends together and does not cause imbalances that can damage the beauty of the space.

Pay attention to the function of space and furniture

When choosing furniture, … Read More

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