Decorate Your Home With Beautiful Painting

The walls of your house are too plain, so you want to add beautiful home decor?Not only placing unique wall clocks, paintings also become one of the beautiful decor that can fill the void in the walls of a room. If you only want to display one large painting, setting it up isn’t that complicated. However, if there are several favorite paintings, what should I do?

Displaying all your favorite paintings should not be done carelessly. You have to pay attention to the shape, color, content of the painting and the category of the painting itself. You don’t want it, a beautiful painting doesn’t turn out optimally just because of the wrong arrangement? Come on, see the following tips so you don’t arrange the wrong painting!

Choose paintings that are in harmony with each other and the room. Sometimes, the paintings we like the most are not the best paintings to hang. It’s good, you choose a painting that is most closely related to your personality, or a painting that seems professional.

Don’t make your room look cramped because of too many paintings and decorations. Because, one of the important elements of a room is the feel it gives.

For example, a large minimalist window can be used as a skylight to maximize incoming lighting. Combine this maximum lighting with quality wooden floors for a beautiful and cool room. As a finishing touch, add your favorite paintings on the walls of the room. The feel of the room at home … Read More

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