The Most Common Methods To Price Cleaning Services

In the commercial cleaning industry, there are three main ways to price daily cleaning services. For more details, there are several free janitorial cleaning checklist services that consist of surface cleaning, vacuuming, mopping and sweeping floors. Tasks such as hard surface floor restoration, carpet restoration and exterior window cleaning are considered additional services and must be priced separately. The following are the most common methods of pricing cleaning services:

Price Per Square

Pricing in this model is based on a set fee multiplied by the number of square feet cleared. This model is used mainly in commercial office buildings. If one of the tenants moves out of the building, the space does not need to be cleaned again until another tenant occupies the space. Leasing companies may not pay for unoccupied space. Pricing per square foot also works in these environments because the size of the area that can be cleaned is well known. The biggest drawback of this type of model is that it encourages cleaning companies to cut corners in service. A reputable cleaning company will spend every night and the job will be done well. However, consider a less experienced commercial cleaning company. One way for companies to really turn a profit is by paying their teams poorly, or cleaning for less than 20 hours per night, specifically by cutting corners.

Time and Material

Commercial cleaning companies can also provide free janitorial cleaning checklist. The real benefit of this model is that you only pay for hours worked. The obvious drawback of this model is that you pay for all hours worked. The cleaning company does not have significant motivation to increase its productivity because more working hours means more income for the cleaning company. Another characteristic of this model is that the monthly amount varies slightly each month depending on the number of hours worked. If monthly fluctuations are not a problem then this model should work fine. This methodology is not used often and especially in manufacturing facilities where pricing is a bit more common.

Fixed Monthly Fee

This pricing model is the most widely used model in the commercial cleaning industry. In this model, a commercial cleaning company will collect all kinds of information from customers, and using their experience and various calculations, develop a set monthly fee. The monthly fee usually covers all costs, excluding the cost of consumable products. This type of model tends to work best for customers and cleaning vendors. From the customer’s point of view, in most cases, the vendor can provide the most competitive free janitorial cleaning checklist.

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