Tips for Maintaining Restaurant Kitchen Cleanliness

The restaurant kitchen is a very important place to pay attention to cleanliness. Remembering that restaurant kitchens are busier than a typical kitchen at home makes these places get dirty quicker.

Do not let customers find that the food they eat is produced in places that are less hygienic, due to contamination from restaurant kitchens.

Can you imagine, when we go to a restaurant we accidentally see a dirty and messy kitchen?

I once saw piles of dirty dishes placed together with vegetables to be cooked. Not to mention the black pans and pots full of leftover cooking charcoal.

Since then, I’m lazy to go back to the restaurant. Whereas before, I was one of their loyal customers.

Don’t let our restaurant business lose or endanger the health of customers because of a dirty kitchen or even make customers have stomachaches due to negligence in cleaning cutlery or cooking utensils?

Therefore, it’s a good idea to hire e&r janitorial and restaurant cleaning reviews learn how to maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of a restaurant kitchen so that our business runs smoothly. A clean and tidy kitchen also makes restaurant workers more enthusiastic about working.

Tips for Maintaining Restaurant Kitchen Cleanliness

Create a Daily Task List

The first step, make a list of tasks for each staff and share responsibility for maintaining cleanliness in their respective work areas. Make it a habit to always keep your workplace tidy.

If necessary, make a daily picket schedule, who will clean the surface of the table, stove, sidelines that are not visible and the floor.

Make sure all table areas, dishwashers, cooking utensils and floors have been cleaned when the restaurant’s operating hours end so they are ready for use the next day.

Clean all cooking utensils

Do not leave pots or pans lying around for a long time or even reused before cleaning. This can become a nest of germs and cause disease.

Wash all cooking utensils and dishes with antibacterial dish soap. Clean all equipment and dry it before storing it back.

Wash all dirty cutlery

Before washing, all leftover food should be placed in the trash first. Clean the stains with water, then rinse with soap.

Make sure when rinsing with water, there is no soap residue that sticks to the surface of the cutlery. Dry with a rag.

Then the cutlery is ready to be used again. Put it in a clean place and away from the trash so it doesn’t get contaminated.

Pay attention to the Dish washing Sponge

Apart from dish soap, it seems that sponges also need to be kept clean. Dishwashing sponges can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean the sponge every day. Squeeze and store in a dry place.

Heat a wet sponge in the microwave for 1 minute so that all bacteria, germs and mold can be killed. It can also be cleaned by soaking it in hot water and adding bleach.

Replace dishwashing sponges and cooking utensils regularly to keep them clean.

Clean the Refrigerator Regularly

The refrigerator is a storage place for food to be cooked, it should be cleaned regularly so that it doesn’t stink and even becomes a medium for spreading disease.

Stinky fridge

Clean the refrigerator with a clean sponge and dish soap to remove dirt and liquid spills. Take out the groceries and rearrange them so that they are always neat.

Pay Attention to Stove Cleanliness

The stove also needs attention for cleanliness, starting with e&r janitorial and restaurant cleaning reviews from the lever, surface to the furnace. Do not let the remains of burning stick and accumulate so that it is difficult to clean.

A cleaned stove can also keep the flame blue, thus facilitating the cooking process.

Keep Trash Cans Clean

It is also necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the trash can, so that nothing is scattered and ends up spreading everywhere.

Make sure the trash can is always dry. If it is full, it should be thrown away quickly so as not to attract flies and cause an unpleasant odor.

Also use a trash can that does not have to touch the lid directly with your hands, so as to avoid contamination with food.

Clean the Dishwasher

Dishwashers should also not go unnoticed and must be cleaned regularly. Clean up any leftover food that is in the catchment tub, brush the entire surface with a wire brush and dishwashing soapy water.

Always Diligently Clean the Kitchen Floor

After paying attention to the top of the restaurant kitchen, it’s time to clean the floor or the bottom.

Sweep the entire kitchen floor after all equipment is cleaned and stored. Free the floor from dirt, dust and bits of food that accidentally fall under tables and hidden places.

Mop with water and floor cleaning liquid containing disinfectant.

Additional Tips:

The mandatory thing that is no less important to do is wash your hands with soap. Especially during a pandemic like this. Prevent transmission of e&r janitorial and restaurant cleaning reviews the virus by always diligently washing your hands before handling food or cooking.

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