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Understanding the Popular Design Interior Style

Dialogue about interior design is no longer a common thing in Indonesia. Modern-day residences usually have their own interior design style, whether it’s individual homes, apartments, offices, malls, restaurants, hotels, villas and more.

When we are in a room with a charming interior, can we recognize it immediately? The answer is yes! But only some groups who understand the design of the interior itself.

For those of you who don’t understand the interior design style, which is very popular in Indonesia, you should follow this post:

1. Modern Interior Design

This design is very familiar among Indonesian citizens and makes it famous. There are so many property agents and design services that carry Modern interior design in their services. Is it true that the Modern design style has been interpreted that way?

Modern design, in principle, form must match the function or “form follow function” coined by the legendary architect, Louis Sullivan.

Prioritizing a simple impression, generally the use of knick-knacks in this design is very little. The floor plan in the room is open and not much bulky, the use of large-dimensional windows is useful so that the room receives natural lighting

In other words, the modern interior design is the latest type of residence that is full of make-up and ornaments in the past.

2. Classic Interior Design

Classic interior design style is often referred to as a timeless design. Classic interior design often puts forward an elegant and beautiful appearance.

Very different from the Modern interior design, the Classical design is still well-known among Indonesians aged 50-68 years. There are many ornaments, out-of-date carvings, details, materials and colors that you won’t find in Modern designs.

Good lighting in a Classic style room plays a significant role. Introducing an elegant and elegant feel can be with a crystal chandelier, avoiding the use of black, and the accumulation of makeup in the form of patterned carpets, paintings, chair cushions that can produce an elegant and safe impression.

3. Contemporary Interior Design

This design style is generally used to coincide with the Modern interior design. Contemporary designs are generally found on the facades of houses in Indonesia.

Contemporary interior design is more flexible than Modern design. The comparison between the two is that there are dynamic accents in the form of curved lines or sweeping patterns that are more flexible in the contemporary interior design.

4. Minimalist interior design

Next there is a minimalist interior design. In Indonesia, Minimalist design has many implementations and many often fail. True to its name ” Minimalism ” this design ignores the use of materials, colors and shapes that are out of place.

As much as possible expose the impression of plain but functional. Minimalist interior design forms generally use an open concept, not allowed to add excessive ornamentation and striking colors such as the use of a tablecloth on a coffee table or dining table is a bad dream for a minimalist interior design.

What you need to realize is that minimalism is not only a form of design but must be the early foundation of one’s lifestyle. Because it’s useless to have a minimalist home design but our lifestyle is consumptive every day.

5. Scandinavian interior design

Who does not understand the design of this one? The design that has become a trend among residents lately is the Scandinavian interior design.

Derived from the simplicity of people’s lives found in Nordic countries, this design has also become a prima donna in Indonesia. A warm and safe impression will be felt in the house if the interior design uses a Scandinavian design.

Usually the Scandinavian interior is not limited to the Modern or Minimalist interior. The principle introduces white as the dominant color and mixes elements in the form of wood, plastic, steel, wide floorboards and simple artwork.

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